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Tasty flags, ancient dice, forest chandeliers, and vintage footage August 1, 2013

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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No serious articles this time around, just a bunch of neat things. In more or less reverse chronological order: modern, ’90s-nostalgia, vintage, and downright ancient.

FormsInNature1Eighteen national flags made from those nations’ food. Artistically impressive and mouthwatering.

A chandelier sculpted in such a way that the light casts the shadows of a forest on the wall.

50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood.” Some of them don’t click with me (orange tapes?), but the cereal prizes…KidPix…balancing birds! (I never even got one, but I remember them.) SmarterChild! Parachute day in gym (one of the few days that wasn’t boring) (same when we got to break out the scooters). And I never would’ve thought it was a widespread familiar thing, but my brother had that exact map rug.

Color footage of London taken in 1926. Lovely stuff. And it’s a few years earlier than the date historians previously accepted for the invention of color film.

Speaking of film firsts: Possibly the world’s oldest live-action porn film, “A Free Ride”, made circa 1915.

A description of the Presidential Inauguration in the year 2001…as described in the souvenir program from the McKinley inauguration in 1901. Reads like steampunk, except, well.

“The die is a little over an inch tall. The symbols carved into the die appear to be of Greek origin, in keeping with it coming from the Ptolemaic Period.” The world’s oldest d20.



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