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A fishy post-birthday post October 30, 2013

Posted by Erin Ptah in Personal.
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(1) The 26th was my birthday! Ashley made pie, and got me a self-cleaning fish tank. Which now has its very own fish.

10Still haven’t figured out what to name him yet. So far we’ve just been calling him Fishy.

My grandmother, meanwhile, sent me…socks. But not just any socks! These ones have directions on the packaging, to make absolutely sure you don’t use them wrong. Step 2 — out of 4 — is “Slip feet into socks, toes first.”

(In the interest of not giving you the wrong idea about my grandmother: she did also send a check.)


(2) Had a dream the other night that I was having some kind of IM conversation with this guy I no longer talk to. And even within the dream, I was thinking, “This was a bad idea. Why did I start this conversation? He’s just going to take it as meaning that nothing he did was that bad after all, and will go right back to the same harassment and aggression I cut him off for in the first place.”

And then I woke up, and realized I hadn’t started any conversations after all. It was like, YES. This day already feels like a total success. And I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet!

(For reference, this is the guy who insisted that people advocating for government food assistance programs were exactly like people who sell humans into sexual slavery. Guess who was buying her food with SNAP at the time he said this? Yeah.)


(3) Major art theft by wholesale knickknack company Cody Foster. Pass it on.


(4) Seanan McGuire on my WtNV Little Mermaid AU: “I had a SAD and then a WISTFUL and then a OH MY GODS ABOVE AND BELOW AND ESPECIALLY DOWN IN RADON TRENCH.

I’m down with this.


(5) I’m actually making some use of Twitter, not just crossposting things. People I know, if you’re on there, tell me your username so I can follow! And, you know, subscribe too =)


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