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Monday Roundup, 12/9 December 9, 2013

Posted by Erin Ptah in But I'm A Cat Person, Works Roundup.
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But I’m A Cat Person
BICP Age-Swap AU (art | Bianca, Patrick, Ann, the Tiger | worksafe)
BICP Vintage Sketch Plans (sketches | Cohen, Bennett, Patrick, Cybele, Camellia | worksafe)

Doctor Who
A Charitable Earth, and a View of the Stars (art | Sarah Jane/Ace | worksafe)

Fake News
Shout*For, Act II, chapter 10, chapter 11 (AO3 mirror) (fic | Jon/”Stephen”, Olivia/Kristen, Jimmy/Tina, Tucker, Steve, others | T)
Shout*For – The Best Of (mix | Jon/”Stephen”, Olivia/Kristen, Jimmy/Tina | PG)
Album Cover (art | Jon, “Stephen”, Jimmy, Tucker | worksafe)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
The symbol of a teardrop (art | Madoka | mildly NSFW)

Welcome to Night Vale(/Addams Family, /His Dark Materials)
Dance Lessons (art | Thing, Megan Wallaby | worksafe)
He Says He Is An Experimental Theologian, chapters 1-3 (fic | eventual Carlos/Cecil, scientists, Night Vale residents, their daemons | T)
Armadillo Daemon (art | Carlos’ daemon | worksafe)
Lyra’s Biggest Fans (art | Carlos and his daemon | worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
The mystery speaker, revealed.



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