“Why do people think Marge Simpson is white?”

“You see the same thing in America: After all, why do people think Marge Simpson is white? Look at her skin: it is yellow. Look at her hair: it is a blue Afro. But the Default Human Being thing is so strong that lacking other clear, stereotyped signs of being either black or Asian she defaults to white.”

“You can’t do that! Stories have to be about White people.” Kids aren’t race-blind. Society sends messages about race, and they pick up on it.

A massive and glorious roundup of historical achievements by people who were not white and/or not male, including everything from scientists to aviators to pirates to politicians.

“Since it seems like some sad internet people are mad that a man of color is going to play a role in a modern adaptation of the King Arthur mythos, I thought I would drop some classical-education truthbombs about the 5-ish Known Men Of Color in King Arthur.” Three Saracen (Arabic) knights, one black knight (as in from Africa), and the green one, plus a knight who may have been mixed-race or with vitiligo.

“For some reason (maybe due to lack of exposure or just buying into the American global hegemony which breeds myopia in both white and non-white Americans), it’s hard for people on here to wrap their heads around the fact that the following people would not be considered “white” in their home countries due to their ethnic background.

On not simplifying Mandela’s legacy to serve a Tumblradical agenda. (From a writer who is half South African, and mad.)

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