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To balance out that last post: Sometimes, people are awesome April 8, 2014

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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Both executive orders mirror provisions of the Paycheck Fairness Act, which Congress has twice failed to pass. One would prohibit federal contractors from retaliating against employees who share their salary information with each other. […] The second executive order will instruct the Department of Labor to create new regulations requiring federal contractors to report wage-related data to the government, in the hope that it will hold them more accountable for salary differences based on sex or race.”

“17-year-old Angela Zhang […] has been making headlines recently after taking home a check of $100,000 from the national Siemens science contest, and now it has been suggested that her research could lead to a potential cure for cancer.

“A physics student from Egypt’s Sohag University, Aisha Mustafa, 19, has patented a new type of propulsion system based on quantum theory that she says could propel space probes and artificial satellites without using any fuel.

That one time the US had a lesbian First Lady.

I did not know that the woman who wrote America The Beautiful, Katharine Lee Bates, lived with intimate partner Katharine Coman for twenty-five years. Now I know. Learning!

Ching Shih is getting a miniseries! Next up, in Actual Women Pirates of History Who Deserve To Be On TV: “Jeanne de Clisson, the ‘Lioness of Brittany’ and fearsome pirate queen, stalked the English Channel for French ships from 1343 – 1356.”

Mona Parsons: Ziegfield Follies star, Nazi resistance leader, avoided death by firing squad, walked 125 km barefoot through enemy territory, basically all-around dazzling.