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Old news by now: the Colbert Report has an end date. April 15, 2014

Posted by Erin Ptah in Fandom.

The first time a post about it came along, my reaction was to double-check that it wasn’t a belated April Fool’s joke. Turns out, nope. Stephen’s moving on to do a network talk show.

FNFF discussion thread.

This is so surreal. I got into fake news only a few months before TCR started, so TCR and TDS have been a part of my life — and a package deal — since high school. There was always a huge backlog of TDS episodes I hadn’t seen — and even now the Kilborn episodes aren’t online, so there are a lot I may never see — and last summer’s substitute hosting by John Oliver the show could go on after Jon, even if it wouldn’t be quite the same. But in 2015 TCR will have stopped. There’s no way to replace Stephen in that role. It’s no longer open-ended; it’s finite, and the bounds are set.

As long as Stephen’s happy with the job change, that’s the important thing, but still.

The ending had better be amazing, that’s all I can say. (I mean, obviously the dream is for “Stephen” to run off to Vegas and have a big gay wedding, but, you know, any number of other scenarios could be satisfying. We’ll see.)



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