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Tuesday Roundup, 5/27 May 27, 2014

Posted by Erin Ptah in But I'm A Cat Person.
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But I’m A Cat Person
But I’m An Intern (art | Bianca, Poe, Miranda, Timothy, Jany, Blake, Kara Lynn, Dotan, Naresh, Jessica Lake, Cybele, Karen Park | worksafe)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Ein Liebender liegt dir zu Füßen, part 2 (fic | Homura/Madoka, ensemble | NC-17)
[Alien 9] Well, that rec was a bust / [Madoka Magica] Rebellion Story and personal canon (reviews/recaps & discussion)
Amethyst and Rose Quartz (art | Homura, Madoka, Izabel, Michaela, Roberta | worksafe)

Welcome to Night Vale/Evangelion
A Visit from Angels (art | Josie, Kaworu, assorted other angels | worksafe)

Welcome to Night Vale(/His Dark Materials)
Cecil On The N.T.A., part 2 (fic | Cecil/Carlos, Khoshekh, Dana, others | M)
Night Vale: The Musical, tracks 1-8 (fic, song parodies | Cecil/Carlos, ensemble | T)
Serenade (art | Cecil/Carlos | worksafe)
But I’m An Intern (art | Dana, Brad, Stacy, Richard, Vithya, Chad, Maureen, Leland, Dylan, Pamela Winchell, Cybele, Leann Hart | worksafe)
Family Resemblance (comic | Cecil, Kevin | T, blood)
Terrible Science Puns (art | Cecil/Carlos | worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Jany accidentally says too much.


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