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Multifandom Recs (roundup) May 30, 2014

Posted by Erin Ptah in Recommendations.
Star Wars | Vader, Luke, Han/Leia, others | T | Sibling Revelry

After Bespin and before Endor, Darth Vader is shocked to discover that Luke and Leia are twins. He’s even more shocked when Imperial Intelligence reports that Organa and Skywalker are, erm, a tad closer than previously suspected.
Doctor Who | Five/Ainley!Master | R | Web We Weave

Doctor/Master (Master/Adric), the Master explains to the Doctor exactly what he did to Adric in the Web (of bondage).
Doctor Who | Three/crispy!Master | NC-17 | Revenant

He is at once living with the ghost and the corpse of the man he loves. The Doctor thinks of how unfailingly he has done what he should when it comes to the Master.
Doctor Who | Three/Delgado!Master, Brig/Master | NC-17 | War Materiel

Delgado Master/Brigadier (hypnotised?), the Doctor watches.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Earl | G | Traces of You

“We could have had something, you and me,” Cecil says softly, “and I could have lost all recollection of it.”
Welcome to Night Vale | Mama Palmer, Cecil, brother | G | choice strains #2

Backstory for Mama Palmer. Spoilers from “Cassette” through “Cookies”; may need some kind of unreality content warning?
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos | R | “Neat!”

Carlos finally has Cecil exactly where he wants him.
OneLook Reverse Dictionary

OneLook’s reverse dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos | M | Pattern

There’s a pattern Carlos can starts to recognize. There’s signs, obvious signs, and Carlos sees them, and he bites at his lip, because it’s half-worrying and half-tempting. Mostly he’s just not sure he’s reading the whole thing right though.
Sparks Nevada | various Martians | G | Information Seeking Behaviors

An overview of the life of Gratia: Librarian on Mars, and her interactions with her patrons.
My secret project: Welcome to Night Vale Miss Frizzle!

[Cosplay] I’m so happy with this dress and thankful for the excellent design and sweet headcanons!
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Madoka/Mami | T | dreaming of eden

This place is as timeless as it is endless, and Mami knows she should be afraid but she isn’t, because she could never be afraid with Madoka holding her hand. (How do you fight something that gives you your deepest desire and uses it to twist you around its little finger?)
Dollhouse | Topher, Sierra, Ivy, Victor | G | Of Ill-Advised Imprints and Rather Fetching Ewok Queens

Who decided giving Topher Brink the ability to design people’s personalities was a good idea again?
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos, Tamika | G | Fall

Carlos had a bigger hand in the events than we heard. Everything was going exactly according to plan. Until suddenly, it wasn’t.
Welcome to Night Vale | Kevin/DB!Carlos | M | A List of Things You Can Put Into Kevin’s Eye Holes.

A series of brief drabbles.
Hunger Games | Prim/Rue, Twelves | T | I wanna see you be brave

Katniss dies, and Rue wins the 74th Hunger Games. Prim will never forgive the girl who took her sister … except maybe she will. Maybe Rue isn’t the one to blame after all.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica | Kyoko | G | Credens Pizza

Kyoko is brought to her knees by a legendary witch.
Madoka Magica | Homura/Madoka, Homura/Kyoko | T | trial by ordeal

Homura Akemi and her witch, together through everything; an overview of their life and time(line)s.
Madoka Magica | Homulilly’s dolls | T | Clara Dolls Theater

The Children of the Fake City do what they do best; being the personification of the Nutcracker Queen’s persona. Or are they? After all, self-deprecation is hardly ever objective.
Sailor Moon | whole team, Asteroid senshi | K+ | Refuge in Audacity

Crystal Tokyo has descended into a never-ending prank war. God help us all.


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