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…and it’s going to keep happening, and the weapons dealers are going to keep profiting. June 9, 2014

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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“…citizens living in the only country where this kind of mass killing routinely occurs reportedly concluded Tuesday that there was no way to prevent the massacre from taking place.”

Israel has some of the toughest gun restrictions in the world. The problem is, the world doesn’t know that.”

As I grew older I began to notice a different breed of hunter; men who showed up with multiple shotguns as if they were golf clubs needed for specific shots. While most of us wore jeans, t-shirts and hunting vests, these newcomers dressed like they were going on safari, wearing bush hats, shooting jackets (in the 100 degree heat), and cargo pants with more pockets than there existed implements to fill them. You would see them walking the fields; shotgun draped over one arm, can of beer in the other hand. We learned to stay away from them.”

“For those of you who cannot make it through the video — I found it very hard to watch — here is a transcript of what he said.

“Authorities in Florida are searching for a suspect who opened fire after someone cut in front of him at a Jacksonville Chick-fil-A drive-thru.

“He is unsure of his next move, but fears he has become a pariah in the gun industry, to which, he said, he has devoted nearly his entire adult life.

“The murder trial of a blind man was cut short Friday after a judge granted a ‘stand your ground’ motion for immunity and ruled the man acted in self-defense when he shot a drinking buddy in the chest with an assault rifle.

“Smith moved his truck to make it look as though no one was home. He turned on a handheld recorder, had a surveillance system running and waited in the basement with food, water and two guns.” (This guy got convicted of premeditated murder, in a victory for the crazy idea that you don’t get to treat the shooting of teenagers like a deer hunt.)

“But what else do you need, except the fact that Ferrell was unarmed, seeking help, and was in turn shot 10 times?

“He did not know the victims, he had no interactions with the victims prior to the shooting.”

The only thing the individual had on his person was a wallet which was recovered from his right rear pocket.”

“Belinda Padilla does not pick up unknown calls anymore, not since someone posted her cellphone number on an online forum for gun enthusiasts. A few fuming-mad voice mail messages and heavy breathers were all it took. […] Her offense? Trying to market and sell a new .22-caliber handgun that uses a radio frequency-enabled stopwatch to identify the authorized user so no one else can fire it.



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