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Fringe thoughts August 14, 2014

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches, Meta.
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“It looks like both these computers downloaded a huge file. 657 megabytes.”

I’m watching Fringe, and it’s very good, but this episode is from 2008 and it’s already dating itself.

…Seriously, it’s really good. Olivia Dunham is awesome, and I love that she gets all these great action sequences, where she’s great at beating up attackers with weapons when she can and with fists when she has to. Not to mention her A+ bluffing skills and the way she keeps breaking out other random competencies. (Never forgets a face! Killer card-counting!)

And how did I manage not to hear that the majority of the show is set in Boston? They keep having to chase secret evil bioterrorists through places I recognize.

No idea yet if the overall mytharc is going to come together more coherently than the X-Files one, but so far it seems to be more tightly paced, and the hints don’t have that air of “speaking in vague yet menacing terms because the writers haven’t decided what we’re actually talking about.” All of which seems promising.

It’s weird that nobody’s written a Welcome to Night Vale crossover yet. We’ve already had at least one “Mulder and Scully come to Night Vale” fic. And Fringe has the built-in crossover hook that Astrid, like Dana, is played by Jasika Nicole.

Astrid hasn’t gotten much to do yet — she just hangs around the lab and does whatever helpful backup science the main characters need to round out their expertise (the “657 MB” line was hers) — but she seems cool in a general way. Hoping she’ll get some character-focus episodes as the series goes on.

In other fannish news, there’s now a His Dark Materials fanart group on dA! The only existing one I could find was set not to accept new members, so I made a new one.

Open to all related art, but with crossover daemon stuff relegated to its own folder, so the people who are pre-emptively wincing can avoid it.


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