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Multifandom Recommendations, 10/12 October 12, 2014

Posted by Erin Ptah in Recommendations.
Madoka Magika | Homura/Madoka | G | Invariable

Madoka loves everyone. Homura loves Madoka.
Emperor’s New Groove | Kuzco/OC, ensemble | T | Till the Day We Die

Kuzco and Pacha’s friendship [and life in general] over the years.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil, others | G | Theater

For the first time in many years, a new movie theater — The Xerophile– is opening in Night Vale! Cecil gives us the updates on this exciting event, along with the news, the Community Calendar, and the weather.
Welcome to Night Vale | bird!Kevin, db!Carlos | G | balloon

Kevin was finally able to schedule a day off where he could visit Ciro. He hadn’t been able to make it to the hospital in a little over a month.
Welcome to Night Vale | Carlos/Earl(/Cecil) | M | Research in Controlled Media Response

Earl’s a pretty helpful guy. So when his scientist boyfriend asks for some help in conducting an experiment, he’s happy to lend a hand.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos, Smiling God | T | bury me in galaxies (i’ll call it home)

The smiling god’s eyes do not materialize here, but Carlos somehow senses its presence every time he turns his head. He falls and falls and wonders why he ever stayed so long in Night Vale in the first place.
3 Bedroom Apartment/House Plans

3D layouts for dozens of different apartment floor plans and design schemes. Follow the links for more with different numbers of bedrooms.
Sailor Moon | Chibiusa, ensemble | G | The Ripples In The Water

You can’t drop a pebble in a pond without changing the water. The same holds true for a destiny. (Chibiusa has a brother, and it changes the rest of the future from what the main characters remember.)
donjon; Fractal World Generator

Generates random maps for your fantasy or AU world.
Welcome to Night Vale, Homestuck | Cecil/Carlos, John/Dave, ensemble | T | The Longest Surviving Intern at Night Vale Community Radio

A boy with red eyes and white hair walked into town today. He was carrying a long, sharp sword, which, according to some reports, was dripping with fresh blood. He wore a pair of dark glasses over his eyes.
Welcome to Night Vale | Daniel/Lauren, Cecil | G | Malfunction

Sometimes Daniel malfunctions.
The X-Files | Mulder/Scully, ensemble | T | Gonna Be Different this Time

It’s the end of the mytharc. Mulder and Scully, Skinner and Frohike, at the end of it all. Final installment of the Life During Wartime series.
Hunger Games | Brutus, Lyme, Enobaria, ensemble | T | The End is the Beginning is the End: The Quarter Quell

When the Victor Games are announced, District 2 must send its heroes along with the rest of them. Brutus hopes doing his duty will silence the voices telling him this is wrong; Enobaria wants to burn the traitor Mockingjay for bringing this on people who only ever followed orders. Lyme needs to make it through without stabbing President Snow in the eye.
Discworld, Doctor Who| Death, Jack | T | Death and the Definitely-Not-A-Maiden

When Jack dies, Death is there to meet him. Every time.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos, Janice | G | Look At Our Gay Dragons

Old Woman Josie helps Cecil cope with Carlos’ absence. Janice and Cecil bond on the way home from Girl Scout Camp, and discover a winged friend.


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