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WIP Folder winter cleaning December 16, 2014

Posted by Erin Ptah in Meta.

I think I’m finally not sick anymore! It’s been down to a level of “sore throat + sleeping 12hrs/night” for the past week or so, but the sore throat actually seems to be gone, so fingers crossed for normal sleep too.

My WIP folder has a file named “5 nativity stories.txt” in it. Last modified on Boxing Day, 2012. The file is 92 bytes, and is literally just a list of fandoms. I no longer remember what the story for any of them was supposed to be.

And there weren’t even five of them at the time, just four ._.

(Pet Shop of Horrors, Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica, and Death Note, for the record.)

I’m officially giving up on remembering, and am deleting the file. Just wanted there to be a memorial somewhere in the world that it existed.

(The least-recently-updated thing in my WIP folder was last touched in 2008. Don’t ask.)

I’m so bad at deleting digital clutter.

When And Shine Heaven Now was maybe six months from ending, that was a big motivation to go through all my notes and doodles and half-baked ideas and say “okay, there is no more indefinite maybe some time I’ll get around to this, it’s either showing up in the next six months or it isn’t getting used at all.” And once you face up to the fact that you’re never going to finish a thing, so no final product will be ruined by sharing the details, you can pull the summary/sketches into some kind of organized form and release them as-is.

Trying to let the end of TCR be the impetus to do that for a bunch of fake-news ideas. There isn’t the same kind of deadline, it’s not like the comms are going to close up shop after the final episode (three left to air, aaaahh), but, you know, any excuse for motivation.

Some files that might get mined and polished, rather than deleted, in the next week or two (including the date they were last updated):

–5KB of misc genderswap notes (October 2011)
–27KB of liberalverse misc notes + disconnected scenes (April 2013)
–like 80KB of an AU where my OTP are related (April 2013)
–1.7KB of half-finished filk (July 2012)
–31KB from an AU designed by fail_fandomanon (worked on this last week, hah!)
–8KB snippet of dystopia, in which I hate at least half of it (September 2010)
–6KB of so-misc-I-don’t-know-what-it-is (October 2013)
–Drawings from the next strip of Jon’s JDate Adventure (October 2012)

…If anyone has a particular interest in one of those, feel free to vote that I work on that first! Otherwise I’ll just tackle things in whatever order seems like a good idea at the time.


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