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Multifandom Recommendations, 1/18 January 18, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Recommendations.
The Thrilling Adventure Hour | Frank/Sadie | M | Brandy, Daquiris, Scotch, Martinis

Frank Doyle and Sadie Parker, domming and submitting to each other for the first times.
Bleak Expectations | Gently/Pip, Harry/Pippa | G | Mrs Harry Biscuit’s Book Of Household Decorum

Being An Infallible Guide To All Matters Which Concern The Family Circle. Containing all necessary Recipes for every Occasion from a Pauper’s Supper to a Ducal Banquet, Hints on the Conduct of Servants, Advice On The Removal Of Orphans And Stains, Chapters Upon Cutlery, Mourning, Etiquette, Bees, Drains, Swans, Etc, Etc, Etc. With Five Colour Plates Depicting The Art Of Pie Raising, And A Fine View Of Bude.
Bleak Expectations | Pip, Harry/Pippa | G | A Happy Honeymoon, Cruelly Yorkshired

Being a novelisation of the epic tale previously recounted on Her Britannic Majesty’s Imperial Wireless Service.
Jeeves & Wooster | Jeeves/Bertie | M | The Honourable Thing

I burst into the flat and, before I could yell out to Jeeves to explain the sitch, was hit whang in the beak with the most scrumptious smell that has ever tickled my nostrils.
Qualia the Purple | Gaku/Yukari | T | The Nine (Million) Lives of Hatou Manabu

The road to Yukari is long, but – no matter how many paths it takes – Gaku will find a way.
Calvin & Hobbes | Calvin, Hobbes | G | TRACER BULLET IS A TERRIBLE NAME FOR A PI

“You know, I think I ate a mime once.” Hobbes sniffed. “Part of one, anyway. He didn’t stay in character after the first bite.”
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos, ensemble | T | Enter Stage Left

Cecil has two tickets for opening night at the new Old Night Vale Opera House… whatever opera is. If only he could find someone to go with him.
Welcome to Night Vale | Janice | G | Harbor

Have I mentioned my headcanon that Cecil’s niece Janice is a mermaid?
Revolutionary Girl Utena | Anthy/Utena | M | Anthy’s Turn

After the Duel called Revolution it’s Anthy’s turn to go to Utena. But where in the world is the girl who wanted to be a prince?
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos | M | Don’t Touch That

Carlos makes a horrifying discovery.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil, You, various | M | Your Cargo

Cecil finds himself in a difficult situation with a surprising companion.
Sparks Nevada | [Sparks]/Croach/Red, ensemble | T | Paperwork

“He wanted,” Croach repeated, “to be buried on Earth.”
Pet Shop of Horrors | D, Leon, Jill, Chris, T-chan | G | Something to Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving dinner at the pet shop.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer | ensemble | G | Sonnet Redouble: The Gift

This is the Gift that only blood could buy:
Salvation in exchange for just one soul.
The Slayer does not have the right to cry,
And naught may come between her and her goal.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos | G | The Legend of Cecil Palmer

This is the story of how I lost Cecil.
Welcome to Night Vale | Kevin/DB!Carlos, citizens | G | Kevin’s Elevator ADVENTURE!

Kevin is trapped in the elevator on the way to Diego’s penthouse.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos | M | Whatever You Say

When it comes to phone sex, Cecil has a way with words. Cecil’s way with words sometimes makes Carlos wonder whether those words had consented.
Welcome to Night Vale, Doctor Who | Cecil/Carlos, Josie, Maureen | G | He Says He is an Arcalian

AU. How Calosvacet’nebfirArcalmas gets a research posting in the most interesting (and inaccessible) city on Gallifrey, eats plants, and falls in love with the Matrix.
Cabin Pressure | Martin/Theresa | M | Lucky

The tentacles were not at all part of the original plan; Martin wanted to make that quite clear.
Star Trek: The Next Generation, Watchmen | Doctor Manhattan, Q | G | Demiurge

Jon has spent 20,000 years making life. Q says he’s doing it all wrong.


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