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Five things accomplished this week February 7, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in But I'm A Cat Person, Personal.
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1) Got enough groceries in one trip to use a “$5 off, as long as you spend more than $50” coupon. (It required a last-minute grab of some of whatever was in the displays by the checkout. My cupboards now have unexpected trail mix. But it was free trail mix!)

2) Herded a confused pigeon out of a subway car it had accidentally walked into. Poor pigeon.

3) Sent $10 to the xkit guy. I don’t have anywhere near the resources to throw money at everyone on the Internet who deserves it, but Tumblr’s latest code push broke some of xkit’s features and highlighted just how much time and effort those features have saved me, so it felt like a moral duty to support his efforts in fixing them.

4) Reread the Narbonic archives. I originally got into it back when it was running, and it’s one of those series that’s really rewarding to read all in one shot. What a good comic.

5) Finished the week’s BICP pages nearly on time, and got an early head start on next week’s. Changing up the style for this interlude — we’ve had other flashback pages in sketchy pencil with soft greyscale shading, but this one is also being done in Photoshop rather than Paint Shop Pro, so the shading is several orders of magnitude fancier. It’s a storyline I really want to look classy.


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