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Latest scrambles from Tumblr April 18, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Meta.

Greasemonkey script to restore the Tumblr sidebar. It was a little bulky/long for my screen, so I downsized the font to 14pt and the line-heights to 16pt, and, look, now I can get to my sideblogs from the dashboard with a single click! Even better than before.

More various useful scripts for Tumblr users.

Would you hang out with this person IRL if you two were in the same location? Would it be weird(mentally and physically) for you to hang out with this person? If the answer is yes, unfollow their blog and step away from the situation.” How to let someone know they’ve screwed up online, especially a young someone.

“I’ve been on panels before where panelists and audience members were brave enough to share deeply personal stories of abuse and trauma and the whole room responded to their courage with respect and gratitude. I feel so deeply sorry for that panelist now, because that was not the reception she received.” How NOT to act, online and off-. Not toward trauma survivors, not toward people who write fic you don’t like, not toward ANYONE.



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