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Multifandom Recommendations, 4/19 April 19, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Recommendations.
Welcome to Night Vale | Abby, Cecil, Mama Palmer, Steve | G | Tell Me What You See

Nurse Farrell has a long night of state testing at Night Vale Elementary School, and as if she isn’t busy enough, a parent asks a favor.
Sailor Moon | Kunzite/Zoisite, Dark Kingdom, Inners | PG | Mad King Zoisite

Zoisite has survived Beryl’s attack on him, and boy, is he angry with Kunzite! Even worse, he’s decided to replace Beryl as reigning sovereign of the Dark Kingdom. Should Kunzite sleep on the couch…or an entirely different planet?
Red Dwarf -Lister, Cat, Rimmer, Holly | G | I Do

Lister and Cat find a fun way to pass an afternoon. [It involves pretty dresses.]
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos | M | Misfire fill!

“I’m going to make an attempt to fill this okay? It may not be done for a while but I will do it.”
Sparks Nevada | Sparks/Croach/Red | G | one clover, and a bee, and reverie

Our favorite trio ends up accidentally married. Or sort of accidentally. Plus Martian culture, a lot of sarcasm, and some terrible attempts at sharing feelings.
Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 | Chloe/June, James, Mark | T | 2 become 1, or: these are totally normal roommate shenanigans

Chloe decides to fake-seduce June in an act of vengeance. Naturally, June strikes back.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica | Tatsuya, others | T | Notch the Arrow

Someday, things would change. When they did, he would make his move. Or, Homura and Madoka were not the only ones to remember.
Sparks Nevada/Beyond Belief | Frank/Sadie, Sparks+Croach+Red | G | the last drink on Mars

“I’m Sadie Doyle and this is my lovely husband, Frank Doyle. I think we’ve gotten a bit lost. And a lot drunker than I thought. Is that man actually blue?”
Sailor Moon | Rei | T | Dear Smut People – Sailor Mars’ Argument on Quality

After being forced to watch several Sailor Senshi-based pornos, Rei writes a letter complaining over the portrayal of Sailor Mars and offers some constructive criticism.
Sailor Moon | Hotaru/Chibiusa | G | Counting Down

Soul Timers were never meant to account for time travelers.
Doctor Who | Rose, Nine | G | every atom of you

Time Lords don’t have daemons.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos | G | they are the hunters, we are the foxes

The dog park is Carlos’ subject of study at the moment and Cecil worries that he’ll come back changed into something unrecognizable.
Thrilling Adventure Hour | Frank/Sadie | G | shake it off

The real mystery is where the ominous music is coming from
[Avatar: The Last Airbender/Hunger Games | Zuko | G | you’re aces for coming along

Of course, Zuko would have been expected to put in an appearance regardless, assuming he was alive, being his father’s son. The fact that he was also a victor was almost a minor detail, except that he thought about it every day and his scar still hurt, all these years later.
Leverage, Batman | ensemble | G | Five times the Leverage Crew was not in Gotham, no, really, they weren’t, no

“Of course, now the company had been bought by the Wayne Enterprises,” he says slowly and pointedly, and all the others suddenly sit up, the focus of their attention shifting and narrowing.
Better Off Ted | Ted/Linda, Veronica, Lem, Phil, Rose | G | Viridian Magnolia

“How is it being married to Ted? Is it magical, like a glow in the dark giraffe let loose in a municipal park?”
Welcome to Night Vale | Kevin | T | The Making of a Voice

The events of Cassette and slightly beyond, from Cecil’s brother’s perspective.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos | G | Our Past, Our Present, Our Assumed Future

Carlos and Cecil find a baby on Christmas Eve and spend the holidays looking for the family.
Justice League | Flash, Batman | T | But Nobody’s Counting

Five favours Wally did (or tried to do) for someone, and one someone did for him in return.
Mallory Ortberg | Andrea, Miranda | G | Ayn Rand’s The Devil Wears Prada

ANDREA: Be silent. I do not require explanations. I will never apologize for my newfound excellence. I will speak to whatever man I consider fit to talk to. And I would describe him as more “weirdly ugly-cute” than “hot.” He has no eyebrows.


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