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Plushies and provolone May 6, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Fandom, Meta, News Roundup.

I’ve been scouring the Internet for a nice margay plushie, and have come up empty. (Even something like an ocelot that looked close enough would work, but no.) How is it that, for a cat with an adorable elegant face like this, the only stuffed version on the market is this little terror?

Rubella is gone from the Americas! Go vaccines!

Jon Stewart is literally buying a farm to be a shelter for rescue animals. The man is a Disney prince, I swear.

$5 million in property damages. 140 injuries. Nine police officers injured. 17 police cars set on fire. Countless local businesses looted and vandalized. Over 1200 criminal charges.”

Wisconsin wants to micromanage the kinds of cheese poor people can buy. Allowed: un-fresh mozzarella. Not allowed: fresh mozzarella! Muenster and provolone are in. Swiss is out! Cheddar is okay if you like it mild or medium. Sharp or extra-sharp, though? How dare you waste your benefits on exactly the same product with a slightly different flavor for exactly the same price!

(We all remember that food assistance benefits the economy, right? The USDA found that $1 in food assistance translates to $1.84 in GDP, and an independent study from Moody’s calculated the number as $1.73. Help out businesses by helping their customers, and you can watch the wealth grow upward and outward.)

Has the Sherlock fandom implosion stopped yet? I don’t even want to look.

A fan in their late 50s points out that it hasn’t been that long since the mildest and most G-rated of m/m was a shunning offense. Another fan compiles a whole bunch of research on how sexual fantasies do not translate into IRL behavior, and, specifically, sexual fantasies about dangerous things do not inherently make a person dangerous.

And, look, it’s true that (unlike general gay stuff) there are a lot of kinks you need to handle carefully. Especially when it’s something as radioactive as shotacon and lolicon — it’s not about being ashamed, it’s about having a certain amount of emotional intelligence. Be conscious of where and how you’re posting. Tags and warnings are good. The locked-post function on Dreamwidth, the content warnings and age limits available on Deviantart, and the warnings and viewer-limiting options on the AO3 are all great tools to limit your audience. Not perfect, but great.

So it’s notable that this wank literally started with a in-person conversation on an 18+ panel at a convention. That’s probably the highest level of “minors not enabled to view this content” that fandom offers. Surreptitiously filming one of these panels, posting select parts of the video online, and spreading them around the Internet is a great way to demonstrate how little you truly respect and support people’s efforts to keep certain things away from uninterested and/or underage eyes.



1. Nathan - May 11, 2015

What’s Wisconsin’s position on Venezuelan beaver cheese?

Erin Ptah - May 11, 2015

That probably depends on whether the governor of Wisconsin has a sister-in-law in the Venezuelan beaver cheese business.

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