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Rainbows and tasers and vets, oh my May 27, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup, Works Roundup.

The NYT’s article on same-sex marriage in Ireland talks a lot about the background and historical context, including the fact that homosexuality wasn’t even decriminalized in Ireland until 1993. I remember 1993. (And they were still ten years ahead of Texas.)

Photos of rainbows all over Ireland after the vote. You gotta wonder how the “hurricanes are God’s punishment for countries that tolerate gay people” crowd is reconciling that one.

In highlights of recent “cops treat black people like perpetual threats, not human beings” news: a man gets tasered and pepper-sprayed while he’s unresponsive because he’s having a stroke.

For contrast, have a “cops can bring in a suspect uninjured, even one who just stole some guns, ammo, and a truck, if they make the effort” story.

People killed by police, 2015. 457 and counting.

Memorial Day inspired some people to focus on #BlackSoldiersKilledByCops, which underscores the ugly point that if you kill enough of a group of people, you can pick really specific subsets and still have enough cases to fill a hashtag.

RIP Walter Scott, Anthony Hill, Brenda Williams, Kenneth Chamberlain, Denis Reynoso, Stanley Gibson, Roman Ducksworth, and Henry Dumas. Some of you were unarmed, unimpeachable, and utterly nonthreatening. Others appear to have had issues with trauma, not surprising given that you were war veterans, and you deserved care and treatment from the government you fought for, not this.

In more inspiring veteran-related news: the Daily Show has been quietly running a program that trains vets for positions in the television business for three years now.

Jon Stewart keeps turning out to be secretly even more of a mensch than the general public realized.



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