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Our Miss Brooks: a rec post July 26, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.
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Typed all this out for a bit of Miss Brooks/Mr. Boynton fanart, wanted to make it an actual rec post too. (There was uploading involved and everything.)

Our Miss Brooks is a 1950s radio sitcom about high school teachers. It’s snarky, it’s clever, Connie Brooks has the greatest deadpan, there are a ton of lovable characters, and the pacing and buildup within each farce-of-the-week is amazing.

If you’re on the lookout for things to add to your listening lineup, give it a try. Especially now that the Thrilling Adventure Hour is ending — why not follow up the old-timey-radio-styled comedy podcast with actual old-timey radio comedy?

It’s public-domain by now, so you can mass-download episodes on archive.org. Some individual recs, to lure you in:

Dress Code, in which half the characters end up half-dressed by the end of the episode, through shenanigans that force them to play musical-chairs with items of clothing. It starts when the main teenage male character comes to school in a skirt to protest the gendered dress code, which is a lovely example of how progressive the show was for its time. (And, in some ways, how progressive it still is….)

Arguments, Arguments, in which Miss Brooks hears that making up after an argument is one of the perks of romance, so she tries to goad modest love-interest Mr. Boynton into one. He’s much too mild-mannered to respond the way she’s going for, the arguments that do start are completely accidental side effects, and I kept having to stop what I was doing because I was cracking up.

Spring Garden, in which there are lots of secret underhanded plans to ensure the school garden’s place in a county competition. There’s a memorable “this would only work in audio” sequence towards the end — it involves multiple unrelated conspirators hiding behind the same trees.

Woman Driver, another one with uplifting gender politics. I was worried at first, not sure whose arguments the plot was going to support, but it was incredibly satisfying by the end. (You know the sequence in Home where Tip is trying to drive Slushious for the first time? It’s like that, with more overt feminism. Although, I’m sorry to say, less hovering.)



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