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Erin Listens/Watches: Thrilling Adventure Hour, The West Wing, The Daily Show August 5, 2015

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I’ve spent the past several days staying up most of the night, because when the sun is up it’s sometimes too hot to do anything but sleep. Definitely too hot to have my laptop running.

Petition to cut the rest of August short and move straight to September, please.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour has at last released the final episode of Moonshine Holler! Never my favorite segment, the formula was kinda wearing, so the one thing that would’ve drawn back my interest was “we finally get a reunion with the Hobo Princess, and the actual plot progression that follows.”

And we did! And I really enjoyed how it played out! Especially the reveal of where the Hobo Princess was this whole time, and what she’s been doing — that was excellent. Maybe in the comics we can get a spinoff following her side of the story? Because I would be all over that.

Rewatching The West Wing with 5+ more years of TV-watching experience is so much wilder than the first time around.

Agent Coulson works for the FBI in this universe! They just appointed liberal lion Patty Hewes to the Supreme Court, and hired Ms. Frizzle to be the President’s secretary! Delusional Republican Sally Langston takes a turn being a rational Democrat. The White House staff receive a guest who clearly just walked in from Sacred Heart Teaching Hospital, and another who must have flown in from Lima, Ohio.

(There are multiple fics on the AO3 where TWW!Coulson is a secret identity of MCU!Coulson. Fandom, you have not disappointed.)

Meanwhile, I’m having Josh-and-Donna feelings all over again. (I’m so happy that Donna’s actress is now a senator on Alpha House.)

News Your Own Adventure was a good Daily Show special.

The Whitely Show is an adorable Nightly Show exclusive.

I uploaded the Indecision 2008 joint election special, for anyone who wants a good throwback.

I’m so not ready for this to be over.



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