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Just watched the Daily Show With Jon Stewart finale August 7, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches, Works Roundup.

That whole thing was a balm for the soul.

I wondered, at first, if they were going to have all the correspondents call dibs on all the dozens of Republican candidates who weren’t in the debate. But then it got better.

Olivia brought cake!! The Corddry brothers yelling at each other! Bassem Youssef thinking Jon had been shut down! John did the heel-click! Sniping at that last podcast (the only one I’ve ever skipped chunks of — geez, guys, way to run a bit into the ground). Trevor measuring the studio! Kristen getting all dressed up in hopes of meeting Trevor! Ed singing! Josh singing! Jon asking if Wyatt’s okay, and Wyatt being okay. Nancy and Steve being super married. <i>Jon and Stephen</i> being super married. My heart soared like it did when I first fell in love with the show.

The extended walk through the backstage area, namechecking all the people we don’t get to see (even if most of them were wacky nicknames), was an incredible touch. Jon not being able to look at his family or he won’t be able to keep it together was so sweet. And of course they got Springsteen, there at the end. And turned the studio into a hardcore dance party, just like they did at the end of Kilborn’s run.

I can’t believe both of these shows got such magical finales. We’re such a lucky fandom.



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