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Multifandom Rec Post, 8/23 August 23, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Recommendations.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos | M | Something I Can’t Make Sense Of

He loved Cecil, trusted Cecil, wanted Cecil, and if Cecil happened to be some kind of Eldritch Horror when he got excited, well- Carlos would have to think very hard about that.
Fake News | Jon, “Stephen”, John, BriWi, Jessica | G | Launching Paper Planes to Help Close the Distance

As Jon prepares to take a hiatus to shoot his film, he has a few other headaches to deal with, namely Stephen, John, and BriWi.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos, ensemble | G | The Five Blood Quests

Before his marriage to Cecil, Carlos has to complete five Blood Quests. It isn’t as bad as it sounds…honest.
(it is)
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos, Khoshekh | T | Five Times Carlos and Khoshekh Went to War and Khoshekh Won (And One Time He Did Not.)
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos | M | A Monster In Night Vale

Carlos is a monster, a being of void and shadow that spans dimensions. And that is why he is so, so glad to be in Night Vale.
Stargate, A:tLA | Toph, Zuko, Sam, Janet, ensemble | K+ | The Dragon King’s Temple

The spite of the spirits opened a door better left untouched. On the other hand, with Fire and Earth as one’s allies, sometimes escaping is the easy part.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos | T | 17 Stars

Cecil stands alone in the desert.

He appears a dark pillar against the dim strip of lights far beyond – a darker shade in the silent black, a hole in the universe.

Pippi Longstocking, various | Pippi, ensemble | G | Five Times Pippi Longstocking Turned Down an Offer, and One Time She Said Yes

With guests from Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, Buffy, Star Trek DS9, Doctor Who.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos, SSP, ensemble | G | Lost and Found

Since this is Night Vale, he’s not 100% sure what exactly passes for canine or even a pet here, but this probably isn’t it.
xxxHoLic | Doumeki/Watanuki | T | Restoration

Watanuki was missing for ten years and presumed dead — the prefectural authorities want to know where he has been, what he has been doing, if he is who he says he is.
Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 | Chloe/June | M | My big fat fake gay wedding

“So we get married for realsies. After a month or two, we just file for divorce and I’ll claim I was going through a phase.”
The Thrilling Adventure Hour | Sparks/Croach/Red, Ginny, Pemily | T | and in the human heart

5 times Sparks Nevada became a parent, and the one time he planned it first. (End pairing: Sparks/Red/Croach.)
Red Dwarf | Rimmer/Lister | G | City on the Edge of Whatever

Rimmer and Lister are stuck for months in the terrifying alternate world where men and women’s gender roles are reversed.
Welcome to Night Vale | Kevin | T | Admiration

Kevin loves his Grandmother.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil/Carlos | M | skirt his edges and clean up after

There’s nothing Cecil can say. They know; they’ve tried it all. No amount of “This doesn’t make you female; plenty of men have heats” or “There’s nothing to be ashamed of” will reassure him. They can only hold on, stroking their hand up and down Carlos’ back (slick with sweat, and hot under Cecil’s hand, and made of skin)—until he shudders and pushes them gently away.
Welcome to Night Vale | Cecil, the Voice | G | Symbiosis

Cecil has chunks of memory missing. What really happened the night the antiques escaped? Only one shadowy being really knows.
Welcome to Night Vale | Winchell/Trish, Winchell/FOW | T | Your Mayor

Pamela Winchell and the Faceless Old Woman have a late-night conversation about mayoral politics.
Welcome to Night Vale Cecil/Carlos | M | Blood and Honey

“I’m nervous,” Carlos admits. “I… haven’t done this much, and I want to be good for you—I mean. I want it to be good. I want to do well. Don’t.” He swallows. “Don’t say anything. I just wanted to get that out.”
Welcome to Night Vale | TJ, Cecil | G | Tactical Advantages

Being cursed to be forgettable has its significant problems, BUT it also has several serious tactical advantages.
Welcome to Night Vale | Sheriff, Council, Cecil | G | Disaster Averted

The sheriff of Night Vale has enough to worry about without the threat of bot armies.


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