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Advice for the characters on Medium: August 26, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches, Meta.

If you or someone you love ever comes into psychic powers, and you end up with a vision of a friend having a critical health failure…if this is a friend who doesn’t already know about the psychic powers, and who has no existing reason to believe in them…

…why would you put your warning in the form of “hey, jsyk, I can see the future, and I had a vision of your death”?

Make something up! Tell the friend they’ve been looking pale recently, and you’re worried. Tell them you just read an article about how many people in their age/gender/racial bracket have undiagnosed heart disease. Tell them someone in your family got really sick after eating whatever they had for lunch yesterday.

Just come up with a reason for them to see a doctor that will not get laughed off as delusional until it’s Too Late. This is really not hard!

Very sincerely,



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