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Oh, how I wish October 25, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Fandom.
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that “Fink and Cranor get interviewed on Colbert’s show” thing had happened, like, a year ago. At least. Maybe eighteen months for good measure.

Because at that point I would have been elated at that level of fannish crossovering. But by now, the only thing I want to hear from the Night Vale crew is “when we wrote a character becoming suicidally depressed, and didn’t have any of his loved ones provide any care or support — not even his boyfriend in what is supposed to be a loving and healthy same-sex relationship — that was really fucked-up.” Anything that isn’t that, I’m just…not interested.

It’s like why I haven’t tried to watch any more of Sailor Moon Crystal. It’s not going to give me what I want, and the things it does give will probably upset me in some way, and I’ve stopped feeling any pull to watch it and find out how.



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