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Erin Rewatches: Steven Universe (s01, e06-10) December 20, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

Steven Universe rewatch continues!

Spoilers follow, as always.

s01e06 Cat Fingers

  • “Universe! Control that kid!” Sounds like Dewey is imploring the cosmos itself to calm Steven down.
  • Lots more Amethyst shapeshifting in these early episodes than I remember from later ones. (Weird how the Universes don’t immediately recognize the lavender cat with a big purple jewel on its chest.) Is there a reason she dials it back? I want to know how it would turn out if she tried to become a cat/seal/Steven/Purple Puma/whatever on a cracked Gem. Or on one of her wonky poorly-thought-out regenerations.
  • Pearl: “Of course I can…All Gems have shapeshift powers.” But we’ve never seen her do it. Part of her being “a defective Pearl” that she’s insecure about?
  • Steven: “Show me how to change into a huge lion!” Foreshadowing?
  • Steven going through a car-wash-based transformation is hilariously Utenian.
  • Greg is such a good dad.

s01e07 Bubble Buddies

  • The detailed rosy magic-bubble generation sequence is really pretty.
  • Was not expecting Steven’s “male character and female character shout at each other = they’re crazy about each other!” mindset. I’m used to SU being good about relationships, not going with “a boy and a girl treating each other badly is a sign of being In Love” jokes.
  • Onion’s very first appearance, and he literally guns down a boat at the docks. Yikes.

s01e08 Serious Steven

  • The one with the murals! So much implicit backstory, so subtly and wordlessly painted for us.
  • Pearl: “Why did you bring that?” Steven: “I dunno! I was excited…and it’s mine…and I like it!” They’re so good at writing kid!logic. (Steven in general is noticeably more shortsighted and self-centered in these episodes than he’ll be later. Character development!)
  • So many possible Strawberry Fields Forever jokes.
  • The pyramid temple obelisk is the first (only?) corrupted Gem to have a face, sort of. Eerie.

s01e09 Tiger Millionaire

  • Sometimes, when Lars’s head is turned so you should be able to see the back of his head through the holes in his ears, all you see is background. That’s really unsettling.
  • I’ve never been into wrestling, and what I picked up about it through osmosis growing up was basically “it’s like any other athletic competition, except it’s all rigged, and everyone kinda knows this, but nobody will come forward and investigate the massive ethical issues.” So that was a fixed impression for a long time, even as I picked up details over the years that implied more “it’s like any other kind of theater, except with more punching.” This SU episode is the first time where it’s really clicked, what the wrestlers are doing and what people are getting out of it.
  • Still not gonna start watching IRL wrestling, just thought I’d share.

scenery-deserts01e10 Steven’s Lion

  • Lion’s initial “flop” is so Cat. (Everything about him is so Cat.)
  • Still want to know if Pearl doesn’t recognize Lion because Rose kept him in a different form, or because Rose didn’t tell the other Gems about him at all.
  • The Desert Glass is such a cool corrupted Gem. And helps expand the set of things that can be “gems”. Lots of them are crystalline minerals, but lapis lazuli is a rock, pearl is a mineraloid, and glass is, well, a whole category of its own.
  • NB: The most common glass is silica-based glass. Quartz is a silicate mineral. Does that mean that Desert Glass (like Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Jasper) is a Quartz?
  • Also: its musical motif is super-pretty. Reminds me of early Sailor Moon music.


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