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Erin Rewatches: Steven Universe (s01, e11-15) December 24, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

Steven Universe rewatch continues!

…and I realize all of fandom is probably busy bingeing on Yuletide fic right now, that’s fine, come back to this when you’re done.

Spoilers follow, as always.

s01e11 Arcade Mania

  • Aww yeah, hardcore Garnet action shots.
  • Garnet bubbles the corrupted Gem, then makes it vanish in a flash of sparkles. I can’t remember if that ever gets explored at all. Insta-teleportation, or stowing in a pocket dimension? She’s got her palm up and one of her own Gems (Sapphire’s) facing the flash, so I get the impression she’s stowing it, to unpack in the temple storage room later.
  • Dammit, Amethyst, stop cheating at skeeball.
  • The fact that Steven is “introducing” the Gems to all these games (assuming they’re not just humoring him) is…interesting. Makes sense for Pearl, and possibly Garnet, but Amethyst regularly engages with human stuff. What are the odds that she and Vidalia never spent any of their rambunctious bad-girl days hanging out at the arcade?
  • Adult humor bonus level: Meat Beat Mania.
  • “Garnet just has enhanced perception that guides us toward our mission objectives.” First allusion to future vision! (Definitely the first time we see that Garnet has three eyes.)
  • Dammit, Garnet, future vision counts as cheating at Meat Beat Mania.

s01e12 Giant Woman

  • tumblr_nn6wt2HWWI1s6xzo1o6_r5_500Gonna have the song stuck in my head all night, I know it.
  • “Did you bring me anything? …Ooh! A rock!” Steven is so easy to please.
  • The magical-mountain-sanctuary scenery is so gorgeous.
  • Steven names the goat “Steven Junior.” Clearly he needs to hang out with character!Stephen Colbert and eagle son Stephen Junior.
  • So the bird-monster’s stomach is bigger on the inside. More pocket-dimension shenanigans? All the bubbly gems remind me of the bubbled objects we see in the world inside Lion’s mane…although Rose, wisely, didn’t use Lion to stash plastic six-pack rings and rusty shopping carts.
  • Opal’s voice is a bizarrely perfect combination of Pearl’s and Amethyst’s. A+ casting choice.

s01e13 So Many Birthdays

  • Pearl is so gleeful when she says they’ll live “much longer than any human.”
  • …and so heartbroken when protesting that she never threw butter out the window.
  • “I do like pie.” Huh, fanon seems to have run with the idea that Pearl is 100% against food. (Maybe they assume she only likes the aesthetic of pie, and not actually eating it…?)
  • I have so many questions about the mechanics of Steven’s bio/geology.

s01e14 Lars and the Cool Kids

  • Not terribly interested in Lars or the Cool Kids.
  • …but I would’ve put up with a lot worse for that one gut-punch of emotional realness it sets the scene for.
  • “What do you know about my mom? I didn’t even get to know my mom!”
  • Aaaaaugh, Steven.

s01e15 Onion Trade

  • Poor unloved Dave Guy. Steven thinks they’re uncool because he doesn’t know about the Dave Conspiracy.
  • Onion’s dad (?) talks in the same grumbly mumbling that Onion does.
  • Onion crashes a moped and starts a fire. On a boardwalk.
  • “How do you move in this stuff?” “Try and act like a rich duck!” Ahahaha.
  • …and Onion ends up replicating cars and hurling them at people. Even if he’s picked up somehow that this wouldn’t kill the Gems, he nearly crushes Greg in the process. The kid has escalated from “caused major destruction of property that could easily have hurt or killed someone” to “very nearly did kill someone.”
  • Since he appeared in e11 and didn’t cause any particular havoc, he’s now at an average of one serious incident of destruction per appearance.


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