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Erin Rewatches Steven Universe (s01, e16-20) December 27, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

Movin’ right along.

New and old commenters welcome!

Spoilers follow, as always.

s01e16 Steven the Sword Fightersteven-herodoll

  • Has anyone tried to decrypt the script on the pillars in the Gem arena?
  • Amethyst riding a cloud around, Goku-style.
  • Steven’s doll is an Easter egg from creative director Ian JQ’s long-defunct webcomic, RPG World. Which I read back when it was still updating. That’s right, I was into Ian JQ before it was cool. *adjusts hipster glasses*
  • Finally, Pearl gets her non-tutu-based costume! (And then we stick with the old one in the opening sequence until partway through next season, when Amethyst finally gets an upgrade…)

s01e17 Lion 2: The Movie

  • Such lovely background music during Lion’s walking-on-water scene.
  • So, whoa, Rose has multiple laser light canons stashed in her armory.
  • …and we know from later episodes that Pearl knows this armory exists — why didn’t she check on it during Laser Light Cannon?
  • And a floating thing that looks eerily like Mecha-Frybo.
  • Dogcopter is #so important.
  • I really want to know how much Lion understands about Steven. He gets that Steven has a right to access Rose Quartz’s secure places and special weapons. Does he, like the Homeworld Gems, think Steven is Rose? Or some kind of amnesiac Rose regeneration? Or did Rose leave him with some kind of mentor-y “pass this knowledge on to my son” order set?

s01e18 Beach Party

  • Fun sidenote: we have creator confirmation that the pufferfish is Watermelon Tourmaline.
  • Odd that Mr. Pizza thinks of the Gems as Steven’s “weird friends.”  The way the local humans treat the Gems is kinda strange overall. They’re a trio of shapeshifting magic-battle-fighting immortals living in a giant-woman-shaped mountain temple at the edge of town — they should be the stuff of local legend, you know? Subjects of awe, fascination, and curiosity. The only one who treats them as something more than “weird humans” is conspiracy theorist Renaldo, which would make sense if they were trying to hide their powers and pass for human (possibly with limited success, 3rd-Rock-From-The-Sun style)…but they’re not hiding it at all.

s01e19 Rose’s Room

  • The room is so cool…and the creepiness of the made-to-order town so successfully executed.
  • You gotta wonder how much of the breakdown is from Steven’s wish being too big for the room to render, and how much is from Steven’s incomplete understanding. We learn later that it’s able to make a much-more-convincing Connie when it isn’t trying to parallel-render everyone else in town. But could it ever make a convincing Greg, delivering fatherly advice about what to do that Steven didn’t already know (maybe subconsciously)?
  • Basically, I’m wondering if Steven ever got to play the real Secret Ending, or if the one he played in Rose’s room was the video-game equivalent of “Well, the important thing is family friendship values and nobody got arrested!” [air guitar]

s01e20 Coach Steven

  • Amethyst’s shriek of delight when invited to fuse Sugilite, aww.
  • Pearl covering Steven’s eyes for the fusion dance, ahahaha.
  • Sugilite’s personality confuses me. How does any kind of Garnet-Amethyst combination get to telling Pearl “you aren’t strong, you’re nothing!”? It’s something I can see Amethyst yelling in the heat of an argument if she wanted to get under Pearl’s skin, but I don’t think she would believe it, even this early in the show. And Garnet wouldn’t believe it or say it. (The team member who has the most disdain for Pearl is, of course, Pearl.)


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