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Erin Rewatches Steven Universe: s01, e24-30 December 30, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

Making up for lost time.

New and old commenters welcome!

Spoilers follow, as always.

s01e25 Mirror Gem

  • In which our Knight of Cerebus makes her entrance.
  • First mention that Steven doesn’t go to school. (I love the theory that “they were going to send him, until they learned that the first level is called ‘kindergarten’.”)
  • Mirror!Lapis, only able to communicate by constructing new phrases out of things she’s recorded, is some serious fridge horror.
  • And the Gems’ different reactions — missed this the first time around, but it sounds like Garnet put Lapis in there, either with Amethyst’s help or with Amethyst inadvertently finding out, and Pearl had no idea. Even after they gave her to Pearl to store.
  • Angry Garnet is scary.
  • Lapis — still in the mirror — summoning water to form a matrix around Steven is such a gorgeous visual.
  • No, hang on, Lapis says “Did you even wonder who I used to be?” So I guess it was someone else (maybe from Rose’s faction, maybe from Yellow Diamond’s) who trapped her, and Garnet decided it was safer to keep her in there? She’s from a whole separate faction (Blue Diamond, judging by the dress pattern), currently trusted by neither of the main sides.

s01e26 Ocean GemSpace(OG)_(2).PNG

  • “That’s not how grounding works!” Aww, confused Amethyst.
  • “I’m gonna bring the ocean back, or get really thirsty trying.”
  • Is this the first time Greg has met Lion? (First overall, not just first on-screen.) He’s pretty shocked when Lion shows up to join the road trip.
  • The squad going on a road trip over the dried-out ocean floor is very cool, and very eerie. This must be hell on the local ecology.
  • “Guys, I just had the best idea for an album cover.” Aww, Greg. (Is this a reference to an IRL cover? It’s not one I know offhand, but it seems like it could be a shoutout…)
  • Lapis’s water-figure shenanigans are intense. The giant faces, the attempted drowing, the car-hurling…Has anyone written the Evangelion crossover where she and Tang!Rei fight? And/or are apocalypse fun beach buddies?
  • The outer-space stuff is utterly gorgeous. Reminds me of the PMMM finale.
  • The squareness in the water and the reflections (they do it in other episodes with flames, iirc) is such a neat stylization choice. Must be way cheaper than trying to animate realistic water shapes — but it doesn’t look like a cheap cop-out, because they’re doing something visually interesting with it.

s01e27 House Guest

  • Not exactly a Part III, but the strong inter-episode continuity…well, continues.
  • Greg, I feel for you, but you’re being a brat, c’mon.
  • We’re due for a backstory episode that talks about why Steven moved in with the Gems, right? Because I’m really looking forward to that.
  • Giant stormy Gem abomination vs. human duct tape: the matchup of the century.
  • Sailor Moon manga on Stephen’s nightstand!

s01e28 Space Race

  • Reference to “Gem-controlled planets all over the universe.” Will we ever see other alien species, that didn’t have a Rose Quartz to start a war in their defense?
  • Steven has so much faith in Greg’s abilities. “Can we build a spaceship?”
  • “People have done it before!” — no specific mention of which people. And we know that, in a world with Gems, things like religion have progressed very differently over the past 6000 years. How did the development of space travel come together, in a world with space-travel-enabled aliens hanging around the whole time?
  • “There is never any shame in bailing.” Maybe not never, but I like the theme that it’s okay to protect yourself, and not-shameful to avoid pushing yourself in dangerous ways.
  • Greg huddled in a ball on the grass post-explosion: I feel you, buddy.

s01e29 Secret Team

  • I totally forgot about this episode. And the worldbuilding that comes with it.
  • Pearl dancing alone with one of Rose’s bubbles, awww.
  • Mindless disembodied Gem limbs! Aaaaugh. Extra-horrible now that we’ve seen what they can become.
  • This whole drama must’ve had extra levels of frustration for Garnet, given how easily and thoroughly Ruby and Sapphire usually coordinate.

s01e30 Island Adventure

  • Amethyst’s Fly reference was, indeed, a little funny.
  • …so there’s a montage of days and nights. Is that just Steven’s imagination, or are they really stranded there for days, maybe weeks?
  • Ugh, this episode. Lars is still a jerk, but Sadie’s little plot is a really OTT level of manipulative, and dangerous, and mean. Even before taking the monstrous Gem into account. (And even if, unlike me, you don’t need regular medication to keep your brain and body on an even keel.) “Why don’t you let me help you?” — because this is not “helping.”


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