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Erin Rewatches Steven Universe: s01, e31-e35 December 30, 2015

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

At this rate, I’ll at least be finished with s1 before the Stevenbomb hits.

New and old commenters welcome!

Spoilers follow, as always.

s01e31 Keep Beach City Weird

  • Steven!Garnet tells Pearl “you have to turn into Steven, it’s the rules,” but Pearl refuses. Is she reluctant to shapeshift, and Garnet is trying to prompt her? Or is it that she can’t, and Garnet doesn’t know?
  • Chunks of the Red-Eye still crashed through the boardwalk. Couldn’t that be dangerous? Word of God is that it’s not a Gem in its own right, but iirc it’s some kind of Homeworld tech. You’d want to bubble that, right?
  • Drawing of Spock tacked to Ronaldo’s board!
  • Biggest reference we’ve had to this world’s alternate history — a US (?) dollar has a snake and a diamond on it.
  • “Polymorphic sentient rocks! They’re here to hollow out the earth! It’s part of the great Diamond Authority! They’ll take on any form!” How do I subscribe to your blog, Ronaldo? I want more advance notice of future plot points.

s01e32 Fusion CuisineAlexandrite_Fusion_2

  • “Sure, they make stuff blow up sometimes, but that’s because they’re magic! Not radioactive!” Some minerals *are* radioactive, though, so I wonder if some Gems are…
  • Surprising that Connie claims Steven has a nuclear family, instead of a lie that’s a little closer to the truth — e.g. “he has a dad, but his totally human mom passed away, and he lives with his three totally human aunts.”
  • Steven’s idea of formal wear: his normal outfit, plus a lil’ bow tie.
  • The multi-armed multi-mouthed giant Combo Mom is a wonderful combination of sweet and terrifying.
  • Did they just have bus fare in their pockets, or what? At least it gave Steven’s guardians a chance to demonstrate Effective Parenting.

s01e33 Garnet’s Universe

  • Cute, clever way to get away with a low-budget episode.
  • I didn’t even notice at first that the frog and rabbit have Pearl’s and Amethyst’s voice actors.  They’re doing just-different-enough voices.
  • In-story not!Ronaldo turns out to be evil, co-opts a magical power crystal, and angers Garnet by destroying a photo of Steven. More Diamond Authority foreshadowing…?

s01e34 Watermelon Steven

  • “By Jove! It’s full of seeds!” — okay, did they swap out “my God” from the reference because it’s too explicit for a super-fluffy children’s cartoon, or because it’s not something characters in this world would say?
  • But they do have some form of our-world ancient Roman mythology! I want details. Which deities are clearly based on the Gems?
  • Adult Humor Bonus Level: a hot dog shop called “Weiner In Hand.”
  • Appearance from Onion where he doesn’t cause a ton of property damage or any attempted murders! Just steals a watermelon. (…well, kidnaps it.)

s01e35 Lion 3: Straight to Video

  • Lion getting stuck in a bag, aaaahhhh.
  • When you have a cat, all beds are The Cat Bed.
  • “I like to watch you sleep sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean often.” Pearrrrl. (And then Steven shooes both her and Lion away with a pillow.)
  • Poor Lion. He knows Steven is curious about Rose, he knows he can help with that, but he can’t explain, can only sit on Steven until the kid figures it out.
  • Entering Lion’s pocket dimension through a glowy spot on his chest, under his mane. Location of a Gem?
  • Rose’s sword! Also, a bubbled bismuth, a Greg photo, and a bunch of other intriguing stashed stuff.
  • First time we hear Rose’s voice! And, gosh, that was a sweet and charming video. Well done Rose.


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