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Erin Rewatches Steven Universe: s01, e36-42 January 2, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

Happy New Year! May your resolutions be inspiring, your prospects encouraging, and all your fusions stable.

And on that note…more SU.

New and old commenters welcome!

Spoilers follow, as always.

s01e36 Warp Tour

  • First sight of hyperspace (or whatever the Gems call it). Eerie and gorgeous. Steven seems able to breathe there, even though he’s also freezing — does that mean there’s Earth-breathable air in that space, or that Steven’s need to breathe is more psychological than physical?
  • Garnet says “bless you” to a sneeze. Gem-bless-you? Jove-bless-you?
  • A gorgeous (and all-too-brief) tour of past gorgeous settings.
  • Of course it’s Garnet who decides it’s important to make Steven feel secure…even if it doesn’t work as planned. And she’s so fast-acting and competent later. Love it.
  • First sight of Peridot, being eerily calm and businesslike compared to her later appearances.
  • Ruby and Sapphire are not fans of Homeworld, y’all.

s01e37 Alone Togethertumblr_no1sxums0b1u4d3p3o5_500

  • I had forgotten that Steven tries fusion-dancing with the Gems before accidentally pulling it off with Connie. (And Garnet is sure he can do it. Future-vision, or a personal conviction that since Steven is capable of love, he must be fusion-capable?)
  • “It’s really hard, even for us.” “Not for me.” Hah, Garnet. (And her faaaace when she first sees Stevonnie.)
  • “Fusing with a human being? It’s impossible! Or, at the very least, inappropriate.” But fusing with your moms, that’s not weird at all…
  • The final sequence was intense, in a way the show usually isn’t, even this late in s1. They don’t even try to close with a joke, just linger on the two kids being happy and relieved.

s01e38 The Test

  • Rain during the title card! That’s new.
  • Continuity!
  • Wow, the challenges from the Test look simplistic even before you know it’s rigged.
  • The glimpse into the Gems’ parenting anxieties is really moving.
  • In general, I love how the show deals with Steven being a first-of-his-kind interspecies hybrid. It’s not just a weird gimmick that sounds cool in the pitch but never affects the plot; it’s something that the characters, and the authors, are regularly thinking about.
  • Shades of Evangelion. “Omedetou, Shinji-kun!”
  • And the way Steven resolves this — totally unexpected the first time around, and I remember thinking, “wow, this kid is really growing up.” Which is not to say…look, if he had needed to yell at the Gems about it, that would have been totally justified. But instead he gives them a fake success to restore their confidence, and the fact that he’s ready and able to do that kind of thing for his parents is really impressive.

s01e39 Future Vision

  • “Danger is my middle name!” “That’s a lie. Your middle name is cutie-pie.” I love Garnet’s deadpan.
  • I don’t understand the limits of future-vision. If there’s something Garnet hasn’t been told, but that is likely to be revealed to her in the future, she should know it, right? So why do we get arcs like Sardonyx Week, where the conflict hinges on someone successfully keeping a secret from her?

s01e40 On the Run

  • So, okay, I grew up with the Boxcar Children and the Hardy Boys and so on. Is SU’s target audience going to be familiar with that genre? I don’t think you lose anything important — there weren’t any specific references that jumped out — I’m just curious.
  • Suddenly, a deep dive into Amethyst’s issues. “This is my entire existence!”
  • “You’re the one good thing that came out of this mess. I always thought you were proud of that.” Nice save, Pearl.
  • Sooooo what did happen to the products of all the other holes? Jasper’s eventual “overcooked runt” slam at Amethyst suggests that she was in there longer — I’m imagining Rose and the others found her by chance in the ruins. So while Amethyst missed the war, the other Kindergarten gems might not have. Were they all different types, or just Quartzes, or maybe specifically just Amethysts? Which side(s) were they on?

s01e41 Horror Club

  • Steven watching horror movies from behind the couch is cute. And apropos.
  • “[Renaldo] practically lives in a haunted house!” Are we gonna see Renaldo’s home at some point…?
  • And when it comes to a real-world scary situation, complete with aggressive corrupted Gem, Steven is so smart and capable.

s01e42 Winter Forecast

  • Mid-Atlantic massive snowstorms ftw.
  • Greg’s disco outfit, wow.
  • “Why are the children blue?!”
  • I definitely thought there was another time-travel thing going on at first. (Instead, it raises more questions about Garnet’s powers. How long can she transfer the future-vision for? Does it work on anyone, or just people of Gem origin? Why doesn’t she do it more often?)


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