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Erin Rewatches Steven Universe: s01, e43-49 January 3, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

Speeding this up to get through S1 by tomorrow.

New and old commenters welcome!

Spoilers follow, as always.

s01e43 Maximum Capacity

  • “I’ve seen your junk before.” Adult humor bonus level, or adult backstory bonus level? (The trashy romance novel with the giant green alien woman is definitely both.)
  • Gem-based totem pole! And not just any Gems, either — the middle one is visibly a fusion involving Rose, possibly the Temple Fusion itself.
  • Is Little Butler supposed to be live-action in-universe, or a cartoon?
  • First time around, I definitely thought the tapes were supposed to be supernaturally hypnotic. I can understand being sucked into a marathon of a good show, but Greg should’ve needed sleep! And water!
  • Greg’s trauma when Amethyst does The Thing. And Steven’s face, and the way the eerie lighting makes them look almost ghostly, and amps up how thoroughly creepy this is, aaaahhh. Such a wonderful, terrible scene.
  • Amethyst is a Quartz, and a “runt”, but we’ve seen that she can take on a form as massive as Rose and Jasper. So why can’t that be her default? Or maybe it could, but she prefers the size she’s gotten used to?

s01e44 Marble Madness

  • Connie trying to get Steven into her favorite fandom is so relatable.
  • Grumpy Pearl with a half-drawn weapon sticking out of her head, aww.
  • Pronoun update: Steven refers to the big marblebot as “he.” And it’s Gem-related, but mechanical. Seems like he really was picking up on the fact that Centipeetle is a Gem.
  • “There’s lots of humans! Onion…I think…”
  • So Homeworld has spent this whole time thinking Rose and the other rebels were dead. Why have they avoided coming back to Earth this whole time?
  • “I’m reporting this!” Peridot’s most dire threat.

s01e45 Open Book

  • Connie’s angry ranting about the terrible ending of the series is so relatable.
  • Room!Connie is just proactive enough that it isn’t obvious what’s going on until Steven starts really pushing her to have some independent preferences. (The choice of cloak color is an excellent clue.)
  • The text on the two decrees from The Authorities is “blah blah blah,” signed “Official” and “They’re pretty serious, guys.”
  • When Room!Connie switched into the wedding dress, I definitely thought they were building to a “tell her that you’re in love with her!” scene, and was bracing for all kinds of embarrassment squick. (With the usual “why do we have to push children into m/f couples, are we really that anxious to establish heterosexuality, they’re like ten.”) The actual resolution was so much nicer! And genuinely satisfying! (And has so much relevance for fandom IRL…)

RoseScabbards01e46 Rose’s Scabbard

  • These weapons have been here since a battle 5k years ago, and Garnet is only just now deciding to clean them up?
  • Pearl: “The elegant flower-themed pink thing that Rose sticks her sword in is mine!” [blush blush]
  • Her angst about her connection with Rose is so wrenching.
  • The battlefield has a cliff/canyon bridged by chunks of dirt that are just sorta…hanging in the air. What happened here to damage the terrain like that?
  • Steven retrieving Rose’s battle flag for Pearl is really sweet and thoughtful.

s01e47 The Message

  • Garnet covering the Wailing Stone with pillows. And popping Steven on top.
  • Their old-school Wailing Stone doesn’t have the right codecs installed to play the latest Homeworld file formats.
  • This transcript says Greg’s exclamation is “oh my days, it’s video!” I thought it was “oh my space” or “oh my bass”. Knowing this world’s exact AU epithets is Very Important, you guys.

s01e48 Political Power

  • The Gems accidentally cause a town-wide blackout, whoops.
  • Mayor Dewey thinks they’re Steven’s sisters, good grief. They’ve been there since before you were born.
  • “I’ve never heard of Ocean Town…” “Exactly!” Wonder if that’ll be explored later.
  • Amethyst is part of a serious conversation with the other Gems about what Peridot could be sending, and hurriedly transitions to a carefree, fun-loving “heeeeeey, Steven!” when she realizes he’s watching. It’s one of the first Serious Mom moments we’ve seen from her — and the contrast only highlights how worried the Gems are.
  • The slogan on the Exterminator truck is “Your fly is down.”
  • “She’s a modern Gem with modern Gem technology.” I’ve seen theories about the whole Peridot class of Gems being a recent development…but this could just be how Garnet would describe any currently-living-on-Homeworld Gem.

s01e49 Shirt Club

  • Today in extremely miscellaneous backstory details: Buck went to a Montessori school.
  • Mayor Dewey trying to be cool for the kids: “Peace in the Middle East, homes!” Someone give me the sociocultural history of this world’s Eurasian continent.
  • “They’re just using my art in a way I don’t agree with!” Relevance! (Especially since it doesn’t really work in-story. Art in general is fair game for mockery and satire, but when it’s specifically a kid’s earnest drawings of his dad? Dick move.)


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