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Erin Rewatches Steven Universe: s01e50-52 [no Stevenbomb spoilers] January 5, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

I am keeping up with the current Stevenbomb, but there will not be spoilers for it in these rewatch posts. Holding off on all that until the end of the week.

(Spoiler-free reaaction to “The Answer”: AaaaaaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaahhhhHHHhhh.)

New and old commenters welcome!

Spoilers follow, as always.

s01e50 Story for Steven

  • Greg’s young-hot-rocker sequence is all classy. And then you cut to the reality, and it’s a bunch of empty folding chairs. Poor guy.
  • I know everyone’s the same height as usual (Greg may be younger, but he’s at least post-pubescent, while Gems don’t age), but the art style in this episode makes them look so much more childish. Interesting effect.
  • Oh, man, young punk Vidalia. (Tiny playdress Amethyst doesn’t look like she’s hit her wild days yet…) And Marty, presumably Sour Cream’s dad.
  • Owl!Amethyst messing with Greg is great.
  • Pearl: “I can sing! …What?”
  • “How big was she?” “Eight feet tall…massive hair…” I love stories that start out with weird kinks and end up turning into True Love.
  • I remember some complaining about this episode, how “perfect destined love at first sight!” is unrealistic, and I didn’t think that was what they were going for — there was an initial attraction, Greg took a big chance when he didn’t have much to lose anyway, and the deeper love would develop as they got to know each other. Sure enough, eventually We Need To Talk came out, exploring the intermediate stage between “cheesy pickup line” and “deep meaningful romance.” Vindication!
  • Especially nice because there have been more than a few times when I thought a show was doing something iffy to set up a satisfying emotional payoff, and figured out later that I was giving it too much credit. (Looking at you, Glee. And let us not even speak of The Newsroom.)
  • But SU delivers.
  • It might have the best track record for Delivering than any other remotely-serious series I’ve ever been into.

s01e51 The Return

  • Hand-shaped spaceships are such a weird idea. (And the fact that it flexes and points like a hand? That must be so disruptive for anyone inside.)
  • A+ dramatic return of the Cheeseburger Backpack.
  • So many feelings in the car conversation with Greg. They’ve talked about the homeworld, and the Gems coming from space, but this is the first time somebody’s used the word “alien.” Steven finally begins to grasp some things that are so distant from his experience — and yet, at the same time, are an important part of his heritage.
  • Battle Gems, aww yeah. This time they don’t mess around with chucking Amethyst at the intruder, just fuse Opal and start shooting.
  • More unexpectedly-chill Peridot. Her fingers are such a cool interface.
  • And our first sight of Jasper! She’s kind of a stock honorable-but-scary warrior type — respected the strength and tactics of her opponents during the war, expresses how impressive she finds Rose Quartz by wanting to beat her up, disdainful toward the weak…and/or the non-traditional.
  • Lapis seems to have cast herself as a helpful ally to the Homeworld Gems. Giving them limited information so they won’t treat her as a returned enemy combatant? Getting herself assigned to the mission, and sabotaging it as much as she dares without giving herself away.

s01e52 Jail Breaktwo-hands

  • Bracing myself for SU’s Next Top Earworm.
  • Ask me how much I love the detail that forcefields engineered to block Gems are only partly effective on half-human Steven. (It’s a lot.)
  • “I have to find Sapphire!” “Is she your friend?” Ahahaha.
  • Poor Ruby, half-blinded and doing the psychic equivalent of squinting like mad.
  • Was Lapis in a cell for the flight out? Or did she only get locked up after Jasper learned that she’d been hiding important things?
  • Brief shot where Steven glances out the window…and we see a long shot on a hand-shaped spacecraft…and it’s the wrong hand. Somebody else from Homeworld? Or something older, maybe a derelict left in a stable orbit from the war?
  • Peridot: “The whole point of coming here was to check on the Cluster!” So…they were going to come anyway, whether or not Lapis tipped them off about the Crystal Gems? Or Lapis also tipped them off about was the ongoing viability of the Cluster?
  • Aww yeah.
  • Jasper is all “is this… is this normal… does she realize this is a fight, or does she think this is a dance-off”
  • ~*~can’t you see that my relationship is stable~*~
  • Lapis, there are so many other things you could be doing with your life than crazy revenge-jailing the first target who presents herself.


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