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Erin Rewatches Steven Universe, s2 e01-05 January 20, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

Getting back into the rewatch swing!

Spoilers may include everything, up to and including the latest Stevenbomb.

s02e01 Full Disclosure

  • Greg’s face as Steven recaps the s1 finale for him, awwww.
  • In general, I really love the way this episode takes you through the damage caused by the Homeworld Gems.
  • A wave crashes against the cliff under Steven’s feet, with realistic water shapes! It’s the same wave three or four times over, so they can afford to be fancy with it.
  • “We did once have a fence! Let’s get a new one. With barbed wire!” Pearl’s so excited.
  • “You always say you’ll be the crocodile, but you never commit!”
  • I also love the way this episode undercuts the trope of Dramatic Manpain where the hero must keep secrets from his love interest For Her Own Good. It only sounds reasonable to Steven, and only because (chronological age aside) he has the emotional maturity of a ten-year-old.

s02e02 Joy Ride

  • Sour Cream parodying his stepdad’s [Onion’s father’s] adults-on-Peanuts dialogue, aww.
  • Kiki and Jenny: identical twins, radically different personalities. How many series actually do that, instead of treating the characters like a single unit? (I should work it into Leif & Thorn at some point. Ragnild and Iona are twins, but fraternal.)
  • Steven’s problems are so much more intense than the cool kids’. I love character moments like that.
  • Again with the future-vision inconsistencies. You would think Garnet could look ahead five minutes and see “if I punch this thing open, Steven will be hurt.”

s02e03 Say Uncle

  • Skipping this one. Not because it was deeply offensive to my sensibilities or whatever, I just don’t care about Uncle Grandpa.
  • My kingdom for a creator-produced Phineas and Ferb crossover. Or — to stick to the same network, making it a little more plausible — the Powerpuff Girls.

s02e04 Love Letters

  • Jamie has been in “a little place called Kansas” because — as the kids immediately recognize — he wants to be a movie star. Soooo Kansas is this universe’s Hollywood?
  • Corrupted Gem waterbear!
  • Garnet’s original shutdown did seem a little harsh, even if Steven and Connie went too far in the other direction. A little “I’m flattered and all, but…” goes a long way.
  • “Love at first sight doesn’t exist. […] At the very least, you have to know the other person.” Thank you, Garnet! (And yet, when someone decided to parody Tumblr identity labels by declaring this a specialized queer identity, a bunch of people actually bought into it. C’mon, fandom, recognize when you’re being trolled.)

s02e05 Reformed

  • Gas mask with a skull inside in Amethyst’s room, yeaaaugh. (And some other bones get thrown around, too.) What war do you think that dates to? Looks WWII-style to my untrained eye…does this mean the Gems were in Europe at some time during the last century-ish? Or that this universe had a ground war in North America, complete with chemical attacks, during the last century-ish?
  • There’s an overturned No Home Boys book in one of the shots.
  • An old-timey radio…a katana handle…
  • Amethyst’s regenerations seem to imply limits on her basic form. It would be easy to temporarily shapeshift to be tall and skinny…but when she’s trying to make her standard/default shape as Pearlesque as possible, it still comes out short and stocky. And when she tries to muscle it up, she can only develop enough extra mass to bulk up one arm and one leg — and Garnet correctly predicts that it’s not sustainable.
  • The form she finally settles on is so stylin’. I love it. Hugs all around.




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