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Erin Rewatches Steven Universe, s2 e06-10 January 31, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

Moving on forward with season 2.

Spoilers may include everything, up to and including the latest Stevenbomb.

tumblr_npy39a3WSB1uq8fseo2_400s02e06 Sworn to the Sword

  • Is this the first time we’ve seen that Connie plays an instrument? I love that these kids can make silly music together.
  • “But…I suppose I was only a few thousand years old when I began fighting alongside Rose Quartz…” Aww, Pearl. (And her sparkly face when Connie starts talking just like her younger self!)
  • After what happened the last time Steven saw Holo-Pearl, no wonder he instinctively creates a bubble against her.
  • Love the giant bulky helmeted axe-wielding Quartz on the battlefield projection. I need a comparison to the silhouettes we see in Blue Diamond’s court in The Answer. (I also need their detailed, fully-colored character designs, but one thing at a time…)
  • Steven’s book: “How to Talk to People.” Text: “Step 1: Think of what you want to say. Step 2: Say it.” Thanks, book! Real helpful.
  • Connie’s getting so good with that sword — and the way Steven just summons his shield without a second thought is wonderful. They grow up so fast ;_;
  • “Rose made me feel like I was everything.” Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here drowning in feels.


s02e07 Rising Tides, Crashing Skies

  • Recap episode. Featuring Windows Movie Maker effects, and Comic Sans titles.
  • I really want to know what the rest of the world thinks about the giant hand spaceship. We know this world’s humans have a space program — they’ve been to the moon! — and their telecommunications seem the same as ours, which means they have satellites — there’s no way this wasn’t noticed!
  • Wonder what cover-up Mayor Dewey is panicking about. It would be hilarious if it really had anything to do with the Gems.
  • “Steven: Gracious Host.” Aww.
  • “Onion: ??????”

s02e08 Keeping It Together

  • The Homeworld Gems treat Garnet as if being permanently fused is “shameless” and inappropriate, but when Steven asks to see Ruby and Sapphire, I get a vibe like she thinks he’s being the impolite one. Like being unfused is mildly embarrassing for her, maybe on the level of asking someone to wear a bathing suit in a formal setting. (Not that she’s offended — but that she’s only unoffended because she knows he’s young and innocent, and hasn’t yet learned whatever social more he’s going against.)
  • I swear, even taking the limb extensions into account, Peridot looks taller right now. Like, we see her original legs down to the knee, and her thighs look longer in this episode than I remember later on.
  • Handfoot!
  • The silhouette of a cluster trying to form normal heads and torsos is SO CREEPY. And the way they shriek, yeargh.
  • These don’t seem fundamentally different from the limb-monsters we saw in Secret Team. Is it only after Garnet poofs one, and realizes they’re stuck together, that she starts freaking out in a new way?
  • (Again: future vision: shouldn’t she have started freaking out ten minutes earlier?)
  • “These were Crystal Gems.” So, members of Rose’s team, not rejects from Homeworld? “All the ones we couldn’t find.” (Is it me, or is it weird that they didn’t look here before…?)
  • …as traumatizing as Garnet’s near-splitting looked, I kinda wish we’d seen Ruby and Sapphire fighting separately. It would give us a sense for their tactics as a two-person team. And demonstrate that they can win battles without fusing — that they’re staying fused purely out of desire, not out of pressure or fear.
  • Unless of course this is supposed to foreshadow that they ARE staying together (“together” as in perma-fused, obv, not “together” as in a couple) partly out of pressure or fear.

s02e09 We Need To Talk

  • Wow, do I love this episode.
  • Accidentally fusing in front of Dad, hah, gotta be embarrassing.
  • Rose’s singing voice is so lovely.
  • I hope so much that we get to see another Rainbow Quartz iteration at some point. Rose is beautiful, I want to see more Rose fusions, but Pearl’s ’80s workout theme is just not doing it for me.
  • Pearl: “Fusion is the ultimate connection between Gems.” Okay, by this point I’m 100% convinced that “we only fuse for emergencies” referred to Pearl and Amethyst specifically, not fusion in general.
  • Greg trying to emulate Pearl’s ridiculous ballet moves is so great. And Garnet giving him fusing advice is sweet.
  • We_need_to_talk_Rose_Talking“I’m starting to wonder if you…respect me…?” “You’re hilarious, Mr. Universe!” Aaaawkward. And Rose’s “I’m not a real person…is this not how it works?” She’s not trying to be mean, she just thought they were doing something very different than what Greg thought they were doing. (And relationship misunderstandings like that are so human! Talk about “we have something in common.”)
  • I wonder if Rose is better at reading the feelings and intentions of other Gems, and is tripping up with Greg for species-specific reasons. (e.g.: he’s not giving the same social cues as Gems do; she has stereotypes about humans that she wasn’t looking past; she wasn’t thinking much about it because he would be dead in a hundred years no matter what.) Thinking here about that scene in The Answer, where she immediately (and correctly) calculates that the newly-fused Sapphire and Ruby are interesting — not threatening — to the rebellion.
  • Amethyst: “I think this one’s my favorite.” Of humans? Of Rose’s human boytoys? (/girltoys, /etctoys)

s02e10 Chille Tid

  • Another recap episode.
  • Steven being all worried about life jackets, and Garnet casually shapeshifting her outfit into a life jacket, is a cute detail.
  • His dream is an in-universe human AU! Until Lapis shows up, anyway.
  • Steven describing a dream is the reason that Pearl, for the first time in her 8000+ years of life, falls asleep. (We’ll ignore the question of why a being that didn’t develop to sleep at all would have a subconscious equipped for dreaming.)
  • Is dream-connection a special ability of Steven’s? Or Lapis’s? Or maybe it’s specific to Malachite?
  • Augh, poor Jasper. We’re getting reminded of her situation just two episodes after the horror scenes with forced fusions, and Garnet’s forceful “It isn’t right. It isn’t fusion” speech.


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