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Erin Rewatches Steven Universe: s02, e16-20 February 15, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

Oh, wow, suddenly we’re almost caught up.

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Spoilers may include everything, up to and including the latest Stevenbomb.

s01e16 Nightmare Hospital

  • Steven is such a bad liar.
  • “Do you know how many children I see every day who cut their faces off with swords? …None! Because they have parents who love them!” Parental overreaction in a nutshell.
  • That terrible lighting is a safety hazard and someone oughta be fired over it.
  • Steven hugging the sword while Connie hugs her mom, ;_;

so1e17 Sadie’s Song

  • Said it before and I’ll say it again: I love that Sadie being pressured to go on stage is a bad thing. I love the validation of the idea that not everyone is a performer, not everyone will be happy or fulfilled if they just “get over their stage fright” and go for it, and that’s okay.
  • And of course Steven in the frilly skirt ensemble is wonderful.11ebWOK
  • …it’s gender-non-conforming by the standards of his human culture, but not by Gem standards, where (depending on how you interpret it) have one single gender or no concept of gender at all, and either way skirts are normalized. TPTB have been clear that Steven is male-gendered, but I could be really interested in fic in which he’s actually Gem-gendered — how he would figure it out, how he and his guardians would process it, how it would interact with his issues about being mixed-species. (I mean, this could turn into annoying Tumblr-discourse lecturefic so fast, but if someone did it well, I’d be into it.)

s01e18 Catch and Release

  • Steven is so polite to his (Rose’s) sentient bedroom.
  • People got so weird about Peridot losing her limb enhancers and having short-but-otherwise-average limbs underneath. As long as her Gem isn’t cracked and her last regeneration wasn’t rushed, that’s what you would expect! Projected Gem bodies were never going to have the same kinds of disabilities that flesh-and-blood human bodies do.
  • That said, given that Gems are custom-grown for certain roles, I wouldn’t be surprised if this Peridot is disabled by Gem standards. She needs the leg enhancements for height, and the arm attachments to interface with Gem technology — and meanwhile, Pearl, who’s supposed to be a “shiny toy,” has these qualities without any extra devices. So why would Homeworld be modifying Peridots en masse to fit this role, instead of just tweaking the Pearl template and growing a new class of Gems who do it on their own? Theory: most Peridots can do these things without modification, it’s just our Peridot who needs enhancement to perform the same functions as the rest of her Gem species.
  • The fact that Steven will eventually give her some makeshift replacements is great. Quiet acknowledgment that it’s okay, not some kind of failing, if you want/need devices to augment the way your body works.

s01e19 When It Rains

  • The fact that the Crystal Gems interrogate Peridot from the other side of a door, while Steven just casually wanders in and out, is wonderful.
  • Peridot has zero experience with storms. With weather in general! Goes along with the theory that colony planets are heavily terraformed before most species of Gems even get there.
  • They’re growing Gem shards at the Kindergarten? So the mutants aren’t [all?] casualties of the war, as Garnet thought — they were grown that way.

s01e20 Back To The Barn

  • Steven’s willingness to help Peridot with cheap handmade storytelling aids is a sweet parallel to the way he helped Jamie a few episodes back.
  • “Wait! I have a better idea that doesn’t involve destroying the house!” “Classic Steven.”
  • “Did you teach her to talk like this?” As if Pearl is Steven’s adorable parrot. (Bird mom, indeed…)
  • “And she looks like a fancy one, too!” Aww.
  • 1466354974950486595“Who do you belong to?” “Nobody.” “Then what are you for??” I’m so glad Pearl had that heart-to-heart and pep talk with Garnet just a few episodes ago, otherwise this might be kinda re-traumatizing instead of just embarrassing.
  • Aww yeah, spacesuit!Pearl. She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll punch you in the face.


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