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Erin Rewatches Steven Universe, s02e23-s02e26 March 14, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

And on this note, wham, we’re all caught up! Bring on the next Stevenbomb, because I am so ready.

s02e23 Steven’s Birthday

  • So Steven’s chronological age is 14, but he hasn’t physically grown since he was 8. Guessing him to be about 10 wasn’t too far off, then. (I love this development so much, by the way. Really digging into the sci-fi of Steven’s hybrid nature, and the complications that result.) (Fun fact: some real-world hybrids, particularly lion/tiger hybrids, don’t stop growing…because they don’t get the genetic code from either side that says “okay, puberty is over now.”)
  • Amethyst blowing up an angry-Peri-face balloon is cute.
  • Steven and Connie doing a “clink!” with juice boxes is adorable — like a mini Frank and Sadie.
  • “What should I do with this defibrillator?” Ahahah.
  • I’m surprised there aren’t any explicit callbacks to the last birthday-themed episode. Did the Gems even tell Greg about Steven’s whole rapid-aging problem? You would think, even though Steven’s “magical growth spurt” works okay for a while, he would be looking into the prospects of “can I become naturally taller by feeling older?” (And that, once he goes baby, someone would tell Greg “this happened before, he’ll probably be okay.”)
  • The way Connie obviously starts seeing Steven as potential crush material once he looks older is a good combination of cute and awkward.
  • “If I can just keep this up for the rest of my life, no one will suspect a thing!” Adulthood!

s02e24 It Could’ve Been Great

  • We’re goin’ to the moon!
  • An earlier episode mentioned that humans, too, have been to the moon…so this only heightens my burning curiosity to know how much they found, and what they thought of it. (And how the whole space-program thing played out, given that there couldn’t have been our world’s Cold War space race, given that Russia is a frickin’ crater. Never gonna be over that.)
  • The Gems’ forms auto-adjusting to best conquer whatever planetary body they’re on is a great detail.
  • All the murals are so gorgeous. Gotta think the ones from Serious Steven would have this much detail too, if we got to see them zoomed-in.

smirking-pearls02e25 Message Received

  • Peridot has so many issues. I love the dynamic where she takes her own inferiority for granted, and yet she’s arrogant-by-association based on her alignment with the important and wonderful Diamonds. (And then she’s so lost when her Diamond doesn’t respond to logic.)
  • The Diamond communicator from 5,500 years ago is still a functioning direct line? Who keeps the same number (not to mention, the same software) that long?
  • Yellow Pearl <3 <3 <3 (Her smug faaaaaaaaace.)
  • First sight of Yellow Diamond. Does not disappoint.
  • Whyyyyyyyy would the communicator have a remote-detonation function? Who builds that into a phone? (And the modern Gem tech has no problem sending a signal it can recognize, either.)

s02e26 Log Date 7152

  • I can’t decide if I like the placement of this episode last, or if I wish it had been #25. As-is, Peridot’s care for Earth seems out-of-nowhere until you get the flashback developing it, but if this had come before the big twist, it would’ve cut down on the surprise….
  • “Cleaning duty! Like I’m the Pearl!” Right, so Pearls don’t just stand around looking pretty, they do the housework too.
  • Steven continues his pattern of trying to replace Peridot’s lost physical augmentations. Good job, kid.
  • “Hour 78 of Camp Pining Hearts.” (“There’s more than one episode?”) (“You got all this from one episode?” “It’s subtext, Steven.” #fandom)
  • It didn’t occur to me until this episode, but Percy/Pierre is the first time the show has taken a stand on human same-sex attraction being a good and okay thing. There are some major romances and a bunch of romantic tension between Gems, but all the Gem-human attraction involves male humans (or female human/male hybrid, with Connie/Steven), and all the human-human romance has been m/f. You gotta wonder what kind of negotiation went into this, that not only are Percy and Pierre fictional in-universe, but even the in-universe TPTB haven’t been able to wrangle a canon m/m couple. So the Crewniverse did a double backflip through shipping to get this in.
  • On a more Watsonian note: does Gem society just…not have fiction? What about other art? We know they have visual art, and it’s not just photographic representation…but is it all historical? Peridot’s fascination with boxer shorts suggests they don’t have fashion. Do they have dancing, or did the Crystal Gems pick up their dance styles entirely from humans?
  • I can’t wait to see successful Peridot fusions. Her shy, awkward dancing with Garnet is darling.


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