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New Sailor Moon Crystal arc3 transformations April 7, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

I…like them?

They’re all hand-drawn/2D animation, under a new director. Little bits of CGI, but nothing too distracting. Character proportions look a lot less like anything’s going to snap off.

Lots of the choreography is recognizable from the classic series, which feels like a missed opportunity…but even with that, I think they’ve got the magic back. The moment Mars’s rings of fire snapped into position, I got chills.

Crystal was such a heartbreaking letdown (the cheap animation shortcuts! the continuity errors! the way our heroines got more screentime knocked-out than they did fighting!) that I stopped watching before the first arc finished. Didn’t figure Toei would ever bother to change it in a way that could win me back.

But this? This is a change. And it has my interest.

Guys, I’m gonna give arc 3 a chance.



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