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we’re gonna have a female presideeeeent~ June 7, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in News Roundup.
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Hillary has clinched the Democratic nomination, and I was not expecting to be this giddy over it, but, wow.

My first awareness of HRC was back when I was in elementary school, and she was First Lady. We have the same birthday, October 26, so I (read: my parents) sent her a letter about it.

And Hillary (read: someone in her communications department) sent a happy-birthday letter back. White House stationary, officially photocopied signature, the whole bit.

And that kind of ethos just seems to be a thing with her, on all levels. Whether it’s a kid with no real political awareness or an activist trying to get her on their side in a push for genuine social change, she has somebody on top of it. (Compare the Sanders’ campaign’s fumbling at things as basic as trying to book a venue for a big event. There’s no comparison at all when it comes to Trump’s flaming trail of scams, bankruptcies, and incoherent shoestring of a campaign.)

She’s not perfect. Neither was Obama. But on balance he’s good, and so is she, and even though we’ve known for like a decade that women in general and Hillary in particular are viable US presidential candidates, it turns out that still hasn’t taken the shine off.

She’s got the nom. We’re gonna get her in the office. We’re going to have a one-two punch of precedent-shattering American presidents, and twelve (maybe sixteen!) straight years of a Democrat in the White House, and this is so exciting, you guys.



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