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Keep on a-Scandalin’ June 12, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

Spent this afternoon taking a long nap so I didn’t have to think about the news, but at least I got to spend the morning thinking about fictional terrible news that doubles as entertaining.

Scandal continues ripping from 20-year-old headlines by getting the President impeached for having an affair. Meanwhile, there’s a new duckling at Olivia’s firm, who brings valuable knowledge like the definition of “dogwhistle politics.” (Apparently Quinn had never heard the term. Seriously?)

(Poor new duckling, he has no idea what he’s getting into. Is he going to turn out to have unrevealed horrible depths in his past, or is he just a decent person with no idea he’s admiring a woman who fixed an election to get her boyfriend into the Presidency?)

“You want me to help you out of this mess? This mess you created?” If only you knew, Auxiliary Decent-Seeming Intellectual Black Guy. Seriously, trashing Olivia’s character was her plan, to protect Fitz (somehow), and now she and her people are panicking over how to save it.

“I am not some scorned woman bitching about my ex.” Good grief, Mellie, that is your whole schtick. I really wonder to what degree these characters believe their own bluster.

Episode 5, and already the new duckling is helping cover up the fact that one time Olivia got kidnapped and Fitz started an actual war to rescue her. (Is that even what happened? The details of the terrible illegal things these characters have done for each other are all kinda starting to blur together.)

Episode 6, and Vice President Ethical wants to quit! Good on you, madam. Get out while you still can.

…her going “look at me, I’m not perfect!” while gesturing to the fact that she’s holding a wine cooler is the most adorable thing. You precious innocent, you deserve so much better than this universe.

Episode 7 detours into a case-of-the-week involving a serial rapist, and a delightful scene of Olivia Loudly Accusing A Rape Victim Of Being A Manipulative Liar.

Y’know, I marathoned some Law & Order: SVU a while back, and for all the disturbing content, there’s something really soothing about the way the detectives dealt with their clients. Calm voices, reassuring deconstructions of rape-culture myths, support, belief. Olivia Pope is like the anti-Olivia Benson.



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