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Scandal: what innocent person is Olivia Pope yelling at today? June 14, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.
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When you need a distraction from real-life people being horrible, there’s always Scandal.

Jumping back in with episode 8, which focuses heavily on international drama with a fake Middle Eastern country that I admit I was not tracking very closely. Except to think “hm, it’s halfway through the episode and Olivia is yelling at the foreign guy who wants asylum, that probably means he’ll be revealed as an innocent hero by the end.” (Called it. Bonus: three-quarters of the way in, his blood is literally on her hands.)

Vice President Decent Person does something mildly devious! She’s so cute. I hope this is a growth arc where she’ll learn to hold her own amidst other people’s machinations. I mean, that’s a figure of speech — I don’t actually hope for things in this show — it’s just something that would be cool.

Episode 9 brings us Mellie filibustering the budget, which is…actually kind of epic? It’s in defense of Planned Parenthood’s funding. In the political fairyland of Scandal, this is one of the things Republicans will passionately stand up for.

And when she starts to fall apart, it’s compounded by Vice President Decent Person sashaying into the room and taking over the floor for a lengthy bathroom-break-providing question. Oh gosh, she really is coming into her own.

How do I get a show that’s 100% VP Decency being awesome, with no ten-minute interludes of Fitz and Olivia screaming at each other over the latest angst in their terrible relationship?

Episode 10 has Olivia and company scrambling to track down yet another guy who turns out to be innocent. This one dies while they’re looking! And the killer, the real villain-of-the-week, turns out to be a tag-team of Olivia’s sometime-boyfriend and Olivia’s evil dad! You would think, one of these seasons, she would stop trying to have a friendly relationship with her evil dad and clue in to the fact that he’s never going to stop being evil.

(A couple episodes later Huck calls her out on it. Too bad it won’t take.)

Tentatively here for Mellie and Olivia teaming up. Their relationship has been horrible, but their respective relationships with Fitz have been even more horrible, so they may as well bond over that.

100% here for VP Decency flat-out refusing a presidential run. And sad to see her get steered into it, because she’s too good for this place. Although Portia de Rossi calling her “that muppet” was so delightfully Veronica.

I’ve pointed out evil-mirrorverse parallels with The West Wing before, and now we’ve got a biggie. Cyrus pulls a Josh, stepping away from the outgoing administration to work on molding a charismatic Hispanic candidate with a passion for education into the winner of the next election. Except that where Josh does it with campaign stops and policy planning and shaking lots of hands in New Hampshire, Cyrus does it by…hiring a gunman to attack a museum his candidate is visiting, and genuinely shoot people in the process, in order to stage a media-spotlight-grabbing hero moment. As you do.


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