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Scandal candidate babysitting and/or murderstaging June 16, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

It’s episode 13, and we are careening full-tilt into the jockeying backstabbing stake-planting stage of the Scandal primary season. With a darkly hilarious backdrop of Abby handling the strict protocol for Fitz’s string of presidential one-night stands.

I’m happy to see that AU Matt Santos is a Democrat (so his policy ideas aren’t wildly unrealistic) and oblivious to Cyrus’s murderdeath conspiring on his behalf (so he’s still one of the show’s few Decent People). Wonder if he or VP Susan “Ethics” Doyle will hang on to the light side longer.

Over at Olivia’s firm, New Duckling still believes the “gladiator in a suit” line, and pushes them to investigate a client who looks suspiciously like a murderer. Normally Liv would leap on an opportunity to start yelling at the client for lying, but in this case the guy is actually guilty — you can tell by the way Liv insists on not going after him.

…Ah, yes, I remember seeing some Tumblr photosets of Hollis Doyle becoming the show’s Trump surrogate. Not that they get West-Wing-style prediction credit, because they were writing the season while the IRL primary had already started.

Fitz: “You do not yell at me in this office!” Susan: “Well, where do I yell at you?” Ohhh snap.

Liv: “I think [Mellie would] make a great president. Is that crazy?” Abby: “Yes. Yes, it is.” Mmmyep.

…seriously, someone remind me, was Mellie ever shown having political acumen in previous seasons? When she first told Fitz she wanted to be President, I vividly remember thinking she had zero qualifications and clearly didn’t even care about the job, just wanted it for the sake of wanting it. Now she’s rattling off economic statistics and nuanced understanding of highway policy, which is nice candidate-wise, but seems to have come out of nowhere character-wise.

(Also, let’s be real: this woman had a very visible, very public extended breakdown after her son died, which was just a few years ago in-universe. As a human being, I absolutely do not begrudge her that breakdown. As a candidate, it would make her unelectable.)

“She’s a Muppet! Not even one of the main ones! They would only let her play tambourine in their little Muppet band!” Oh, not!Veronica, you are adorable.

Every Fitz-and-Olivia-yelling-at-each-other scene is just tiring at this point. Episode 16’s brings the bonus awfulness that someone died as a result of their machinations against each other. Liv tried to drag the guy into the race to discredit Fitz’s favorite candidate, and after Fitz found out, the guy conveniently died.

These people. I swear. Run, Susan, get out of here while you still can! I feel like there’s a chance AU Matt Santos will be able to take it and push back, if/when he finds out that people have been murdering on his behalf, but sweet adorable Susan will either snap and have a breakdown, or snap and go grimdark.

“McCain used his history as a POW–” “McCain lost!” But this universe hasn’t had a black president, which means he didn’t lose to Obama. Where does this fit in to the world’s political history? (I’m guessing they don’t care, I’m just wondering.)

“You have five million dollars?” “I’ve been a Republican my whole life.” Heh.

Aaaand episode 17, after several episodes of Olivia having regular flashbacks to that arc when she got kidnapped, ends with her having a trauma-induced flipout and beating a guy to death with a chair. Welp. That sure was a thing.


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