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Wrapping up Scandal s5 June 18, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

In episode 18, the marriage of the Director of the NSA is a significant social event. I just had to look it up to even find out that the IRL NSA head is a guy named Michael S. Rogers…but sure, if he got (re)married today that could be the Wedding of the Decade. At least it makes more sense than the politics.

Boring episode. No Susan, no Mellie, no AU Matt Santos, no not!Veronica…none of the characters who are nice and/or fun to watch. Just a lot of Jake Ballard as Tragic Hero With Manpain, with a side of Olivia’s evil dad being evil.

For anyone who’s forgotten why that isn’t credible, a couple of episodes later he tells one of the Democratic candidates “I arranged that life-shattering car accident you were in a while back, and I’ll do something even worse if I’m not your VP pick.” And a couple episodes after that, he murders his father-in-law for the money.

For once, Scandal softballs it with respect to reality: when AU Trump gets secretly filmed saying he doesn’t believe his racist lines and is just pandering to the base, it’s shocking and embarrassing. Real Trump says that deliberately, in public, all the time, with no problems yet.

Susan yelling at David Rosen “shut up!” gives me life. (His latest problem: making a shady deal to get her an endorsement in Florida that didn’t win her the state anyway.)

“I’m in love with you. I think you’re amazing.” “I know that! I know I’m amazing! I’m winning and cute and funny and smarter than you. I’m incredible!” SUSAN. Please never change.

“I’ve cried. Multiple times. Tears. From my eyes.” Veronicaaaaa.

…okay, all of these last few episodes were underwhelming, because it’s like I blinked and they were over. More of the usual configurations of characters yelling at each other. And Cyrus made himself the VP pick for AU Matt Santos, mirroring the way Leo became VP for Matt Santos Original Flavor. (Aren’t the showrunners afraid they’ll jinx him? Fingers crossed nobody has a heart attack.)

On the plus side: Susan and AU Matt Santos got through the whole season with their humanity and their souls intact! I was genuinely expecting at least one of them to fold by now. Maybe the writers are going soft in their old age.



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