Erin Watches: Adventures with Tip & Oh (with some Phineas and Ferb thrown in)

The Home sequel cartoon just dropped on Netflix, so obviously I’m all over this.

Oh’s new voice actor does a really good job of capturing Jim Parsons’ speaking style. The voice of Tip is more recognizably not-Rihanna, but still works.

Some new characters. I’m in the weird position of feeling like I should be offended by Sharzod, but between the alien culture and the art style I’m not sure on whose behalf. Women? Trans women in particular? Gay men? Drag queens? Some subset of races and/or ethnicities?

The little lessons are pretty good. And very 21st-century. Episode 3b is all about how you shouldn’t take mean Internet comments to heart.

They’re using stuff from the books! It’s unambiguously movie continuity, but I love the tie-ins. Tip’s mom calling her “turtlebear.” The Boov raising Koobish. The seven glorious Boov genders! (For the record: boy, girl, girlboy, boygirl, boyboy, boyboygirl, and boyboyboyboy.)

And the fact that Oh’s dialogue is always so wordy means they can throw in the word “misgendering” and have it sound completely natural. In a cartoon with a target demographic of elementary schoolers.

Episode 4a features Oh having a crush on Krunkle, an old-fashioned Boov of “the gender that Oh likes the best — the rarest!” Without specifying which. (Although the English pronouns still shake out to one “him” and one “her”, because I guess we still need some baseline level of hetero.)

Next episode may answer the question — Lucy gives Oh fake eyelashes, and assures him, “A couple bats of those things, and all the girlboys will come running!”

They’re good about continuing the theme of Boov using human objects in frickin’ weird ways. A toilet seat as a hat (shades of Princess Beatrice). A classy musician playing a cello…using a trumpet.)

It’s not all domestic shenanigans, our heroes still get to go on interplanetary trips. Turns out Slushious can be adapted for space travel if you fuel it with 24-hour energy drink.


Splitting it up with other things so I don’t run out of episodes all at once. I’m almost finished with a long-running Phineas and Ferb rewatch.

The whole “villain/nemesis as romance” thing gets kicked up so hard by this point. When Doofenshmirtz gets his plans thwarted by a non-Perry secret agent, he downplays it as a “thwarty call.”

All things considered, my fave is still Candace/Vanessa.

4 thoughts on “Erin Watches: Adventures with Tip & Oh (with some Phineas and Ferb thrown in)

  1. ok, I’m a Smekday fan who didn’t like Home very much at all, but now I’m watching that Krunkle episode for the sheer novelty of hearing the word ‘misgendering’ on a kid’s show, and this is charming

    ‘allows me to make a toast: (shouting wildly)’

    • Aww. I liked them both, and if reading the book first would have given me expectations that would have soured me on the movie, I’m glad I didn’t do it in that order.

      It’s so charming! Obligatory bodily-function jokes aside.

      • Yeah, book–> movie is absolutely the wrong direction in this case. It was hard to see people doing the ‘yay representation!’ dance when the book was so much more explicitly political. (And they weren’t twitching about CHARACTER NAME CHANGES AHHH) Apparently I managed not to be insufferable about it on tumblr, at least! That’s always the goal.

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