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Promo post: Sparkler Magazine; Echoes Production August 2, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Fandom.
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With 24 hours left in the Sparkler Monthly Year 4 Kickstarter, they’re fully funded — but if you want some cool rewards and/or to help them hit their stretch goals, go give it a look!

Here’s their pitch:

Based off the Japanese comics model you might know from magazines like Shonen Jump, Sparkler Monthly runs serialized fiction in monthly chapters–so every month, you get a new piece of five different series at once. Most of our series are comics, but we also publish prose with illustrations, audio dramas, and one-shot short stories in any format. All of them are bundled together in the magazine so our audience can get a taste of everything.

After three years of running our magazine and releasing almost fifty ebooks and paperbacks from it, we’re proud of what we’ve built. We pay our creators advances, give them veteran editors, and release their work in a number of formats, all while keeping copyright in the creators’ names. In an era where we have an industry-wide push to support more comics for women, that’s exactly what we publish: Female Gaze content for women, men, and non-binary readers in a wide variety of genres, much of it LGBT+. And although we hire all genders, the vast majority of the Sparkler family is female–from the owners to the editors to the creators to the staff–and we’re proud that the female perspective is the norm here, rather the exception.


Also got asked to boost a link to Echoes Productions, a…collaborative writing/roleplaying project? With all the flair of old-timey adventure novels. Check out Meddlesome Marxist Macheteros of Guevara’s Groupthink for a sample. They’re not looking for money, just eyeballs, and maybe interested new members.

And here’s their pitch:

Enter a world where World War IV could literally happen at the drop of a hat. A reality where Soviet superheavy tanks charge across the Siberian tundra in battle against chrome robotic hordes and cloned battalions from space. Where time is weaponized, military weapons are sold in used car lots, and adventure is just out your front door!
Enter the Paraechoes Timeline, and see our world through a dozen fractured lenses. Create new breakthroughs in an Allied laboratory, or become the top executive in the Mediterranean Syndicate’s management food chain. Fight alongside the minutemen of the Confederate Revolutionaries or hold fast to traditional values in the American Unionists. Follow the brave field team of the Persephone Foundation as they catalogue, explore, and survive the hottest Cold War in any universe.


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