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Erin Watches: Adventures with Tip and Oh, cont’d August 15, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Erin Watches.

Back from a fast-paced Otakon, ready to relax and finish off this season.

Apparently there’s a kind of Boov doomsday cult hiding in the sewers, convinced that the Gorg conquered the surface of the planet and enslaved everyone it could find. They have a slideshow about it! With a song! (Oh doesn’t have a song prepared for his own slides, so Tip makes some verses up.)

Well, great, the writers are willing to toss out all established continuity for the sake of an episode gimmick. Oh gets a case of static electricity, and the cure is for another Boov to touch him…except suddenly Boov Never Touch Each Other! Sure, Kyle put his arm around Oh as far back as their reconciliation scene in the movie, but all of a sudden he won’t make physical contact with Oh — or any other Boov in danger — because it’s Not Proper.

Seriously, you couldn’t have given us the fun of Oh’s electrified head turning into a Jacob’s-ladder without that kind of plot-contorting?

The Department of Bubble Vehicles has a little “hang in there, baby!” style poster…with a weird segmented bug-cat on it. Aww.

Oh freaking out over receiving an issue of Tweenie Pop is the greatest thing. He literally goes into a magical-girl transformation over it.

Positive continuity: in one episode, Sharzod decides to adopt Pig the cat as a fashionable new hairpiece, and a couple episodes later we see a cat-hat on a random Boov photographer.

Episode 11a sees Tip get into a punching battle with a would-be alien invader who’s got that Steven Universe aesthetic going — four arms, three eyes, cute skirt, Jasper-style build.

And every line of hers is gold. “I forged my muscles in the trials of Moondisc, a planet made entirely of insults!” “I was birthed in a pit of fire. How do you make a pit of fire proud of your accomplishments?!” “I too was recently banished to the friendship center by MY love interest!” “Four is the most desirable amount of arms!” “You too seem to know the unfathomable horrors of love!”

Sharzod confirmed to be a boyboygirl!

I still think it was the wrong decision to make the Gorg male at all. (Think of the narrative parallels! A daughter on a journey to rescue her mother vs. a mother on a journey to rescue her daughters!) So of course in the cartoon they decided it wasn’t gendered enough, and doubled down with a little pseudo-mustache. It’s a a literal Starfish Alien! Why does it need anthropomorphic cues of masculinity?

But, y’know, the alien babies are still cute. And it makes a nice lead-up to an episode where Oh goes searching for his own biological relatives — his podmates — and tries to have a human-style family reunion, with mixed results. That’s the second-last episode, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was planned to be the last one, because the affirmation of his adoptive family at the end is a nice wrap-up for the themes of the whole series.



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