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Monday Works Roundup, 9/5/16 September 5, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Leif & Thorn, Works Roundup.
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Leif & Thorn
Under rosy covers (art | Leif/Thorn | NSFW-ish)
Leif Explains a Metaphor (panel | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)
An armful of Leif (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)
Beach Thorn (wallpaper | Thorn, Leif | worksafe)

Big Hero 6
Monster kisses (sketch | Hiro/Fred | worksafe)
Shoulder kisses (sketch | Hiro/Wasabi | worksafe)

Save me from the snowball (sketch | Hans/Anna | worksafe)

Harry Potter
Why are you interested? (comic | Lucius/Hermione | G)

That Crystal Gem aesthetic (art | Tip, DieAnne | worksafe)

Steven Universe
C’mere, sis. (art | Amethyst, poofed!Jasper | worksafe)
Record Setting Pearl (art | Pearls | worksafe)
Did somebody lose a Pearl? (art | Pearl, Bismuth | worksafe)
Disco Mom (art | Bismuth | worksafe)

Dogwood layout (old sketch, worksafe)
Arizona Officer (commissioned portrait, worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
The inevitable Pokemon Go gag.

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
With Thorn deep in a flashback, it’s up to Leif to protect him.



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