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Wednesday Multifandom Recommendations, 11/2 November 2, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Recommendations.
Steven Universe | Steven, Centipeetle | T | Acidic Phoenix

She was broken beyond repair, and then he repaired her anew with the utmost kindness.
Red Dwarf | Lister/Rimmer, Lister/Rimmer/Cat | T | Desperate Measures

“It used to happen on JMC vessels all the time,” Rimmer explained, “especially before they let women enlist. You’re surrounded by the endless, yawning void of space, trapped in a floating metal tomb with only your fellow crewmen for company, light years between you and the touch of a consenting woman… and suddenly, sausage starts to seem a lot more appetizing.”
Leverage, Marvel | Sophie, ensemble | T | Re-Enlistment

Sophie left SHIELD a long time ago, and now they want her back. (Eliot is livid.)
Fake News | Jon/everyone | M | At the Heart of it All

It’s Jon’s last day, and the Best Fucking News Team (past and present) wants to show Jon their appreciation.
Fake News | Jon/”Stephen”, others | PG | Don’t Let The Rain Come Down

What if every time “Stephen” had a homosexual thought or feeling, it caused a rainstorm? “Inspired” by the anti-gay ad that was running during the Prop 8 thing in 2008.
Fake News | Jon/”Stephen”, Stephen/”Stephen” | T | The Man in the Mirror (or: Persona Non Drama)

Like everybody else, I loved the glimpse of Jon and “Stephen” in their retirement cabin that we got on the Late Show. Unlike everybody else, I promptly started plotting weird reality-hopping friendship fic as backstory for how Late Show Stephen was able to visit it.
Hunger Games | Lyme | T | I can’t be your hero, baby

Winning the Hunger Games means the worst days of your life aren’t just televised; in District 2, they become inspiration. For Lyme, still battling guilt and trauma as she recovers from her recent victory, the adoration comes too soon.
The Hobbit | Thorin/Bilbo, ensemble | T | An Accidental Engagement

Bilbo’s fake-it-’til-you-make-it interpretation of dwarven culture is working quite well for him, thank you very much — all the way up until it really, really isn’t.
Jeeves & Wooster | Jeeves/Bertie, Bertie/OFC, ensemble | G | A Deuced Difficult Dilemma

Bertie is dismayed to find that he rather likes the latest girl that Aunt Agatha is egging him on to marry.
Sailor Moon | Kunzite/Minako, Shitennou | K | ghosts ‘n’ stuff

Kunzite’s past haunts him (literally).
Hellsing | Alucard, Seras | T | Ballistics

Thirty years later, Alucard and Seras are reunited. She’s had a lot of things to say to him.
Justice League | Bruce/Diana, team | T | Aspire to Touch the Sky

Princess of Lost Island of Women to wed in First Diplomatic Marriage of Twentieth Century
Classicists Stunned; Distraught
Fake News | Jon/”Stephen”, others | T | A Man’s Best Friend

Jon reaches out to Stephen after the death of his beloved dog Gipper, and things begin to change for both of them.
Madoka Magica, Burn Notice | Madoka/Michael | R | prom notice

“you have to become a magicl girl” sayd kubes

“sounds legit”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer | Wesley, ensemble | G | New All Over

When Wesley intercepts an amulet sent to Giles, he is changed from an annoying adult Watcher into an eight-year-old boy. Set post ‘Consequences’ in S3 of Buffy. Another Everyone Is Nice To Wesley fic.


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