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What Do You Carry With You? (December 2018) December 4, 2018

Posted by Erin Ptah in Personal.

Prompted by jjhunter. I last did this meme in April 2018 — pre-move, between jobs — so let’s see what’s changed.

Things I almost always take along when I go out:

  • Glasses
  • Smartphone
  • mp3 player + headphones
  • Keyring (with loyalty cards for Heinen’s, CVS)
  • Chapstick
  • Wallet (with photo ID, credit card, library card, debit card, and some cash)
  • Canvas bag (after thinking “I should pick up some groceries on my way home, why didn’t I think to bring a bag” one time too many)
  • Phone charger (USB, with outlet adapter)
  • Regular writing pen(s)
  • Photo ID for Day Job, on lanyard

Things I carry pretty frequently:

  • Sketchbook
  • Plain black legal-pad holder (nothing inside, it’s just for sketchbook sturdiness reinforcement)
  • Nice drawing pens, pencils, eraser
  • Lunch (or, depending on how prepared I am that day, “snacks to eat on lunch break”)
  • Pop tabs & spare change that I picked up off the sidewalk and haven’t cleared out of my bag yet (this should’ve been on the previous list too, come to think of it…)

(December talking meme.)



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