Wednesday fic recs: The Magicians, Harry Potter, Hellsing, Jeeves & Wooster, Marvel, Sherlock, Good Omens

  • Hellsing | Alucard/Integra, Seras, others | M | Embracing Sin
    Integra needs more out of her new life as a vampire. So, taking Seras’s advice, she temporarily hands the reins over to her and plans a journey starting in Romania. Everything started out great, that is, until they find themselves upon a battlefield in 1477 and come face to face with Vlad the Impaler. AxI

  • Jeeves & Wooster | Jeeves/Bertie | M | Jeeves à la Spode
    Some lingerie samples are missing and Roderick Spode is on the warpath. What can the guilty parties do, other than hide the items about their persons? (Or, Jeeves and Bertie do kinky things in stockings and suspenders.)
    fic:one-shot,series:jeeves & wooster,pairing:jeeves_wooster,trope:genderplay

  • Jeeves & Wooster | Jeeves & Bertie | M | Beware the Bogeyman! Hush! Here He Comes!
    A terrible plague has been ravaging Europe for months, with the disease slowly creeping across the rest of the world. Jeeves is one of the afflicted. Bertie responds in the only way he can – to do whatever it takes to save Jeeves, or failing that, to keep him safe.
    pairing:jeeves_wooster,series:jeeves & wooster,fic:one-shot

  • Jeeves & Wooster | Jeeves/Bertie | M | All’s Well That Ends Well
    To the general disappointment of his family, Bertie Wooster was born an omega. After enduring his dreaded Aunt Agatha’s best efforts to pair him off, he has all but given up on love and resigned himself to the life of a perpetual bachelor.
    series:jeeves & wooster,fic:chaptered,pairing:jeeves_wooster,kink:omegaverse

  • Sherlock | John/Sherlock | M | The Only Unproblematic Slash Fic
    Anyways here’s my fanfic. If you comment on this fic with ANY NEGATIVE OPINION it’s ABUSE and I will call the FBI. I’m only 28, so if you comment on this fic at all and you’re older than me, it’s GROOMING and I will call the FBI.

  • Good Omens | Aziraphale, Crowley | T | The Brazen Serpent
    The Israelites have almost reached the end of their forty-year exile, but Heaven has some business with them first. Unfortunately, that business includes a certain interfering demon.
    series:good omens,series:religion,pairing:crowley_aziraphale,genfic,trope:hurt-comfort,fic:one-shot

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