Yuletide fic recs (part 1): Strangers With Candy, The Good Place, Temeraire, Galavant, Middleman, Utena

  • Temeraire | Laurence, Temeraire | G | the becoming garb of a gentleman
    “Laurence has several robes from the Emperor’s court already; I was rather thinking of something more modern. It has been so very long since he bought himself anything fine. He says he sees no need for it, now that he is no longer an admiral, but he is after all still a prince; sometimes I think he forgets.”

  • The Middleman | Wendy/Middleman, Ida | T | The Rubber Shapeshifter Assimilation
    “No, thank goodness.” He did a small, dignified shudder. “You can imagine the amount of suppression we had to do to ensure March of the Penguins was a moving nature study instead of a dread-filled, all-too-real account of how close the world came to an emperor penguin Napoleon. No, Dubbie, there’s a research station in dire need of assistance. They’ve unearthed a slab of ice.”

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